Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Prestige Tim Tebow Auto Live On Ebay, Among Others

The first Tim Tebow Prestige auto has been put up on ebay and the seller is already expecting around 400 bucks for this overhyped card. Thats more than a Peterson SP Authentic patch auto, more than just about any other auto around. The Rev. Tebow isnt the only one that has been posted, as other ugly cards from this terrible looking set are now live on eBay.

Jahvid Best Helmet AutoDexter McCluster Helmet AutoRolando McClain Draft Auto

Overall, I am so unimpressed with every aspect of this set that I cant even put it into words. I sincerely hope Panini doesnt think they can put out shit like this all year. That will not fly round these parts.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Check the price tag on this junk. Yes, a box of prestige will cost you as much as a box of almost any other 2009 product. Who would actually buy this stuff? Holy shit.


  1. I actually like the helmet autos, but those draft autos are ugly.

  2. You said what I was going to say Wax Wombat. The Helmet autos actually look good, while the draft autos do look terrible. Who really wants a large NFL draft logo? The helmets on the other hand are good fro the team collectos.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that Panini got their design priorities mixed up? I thought that these were player cards, and not Draft logo or helmet logo cards with tiny human mascots depicted.

    And the picture of Damian Williams? Ugh. If he really looks like that, he should keep his helmet on. All the time. Even in bed.