Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Bowman Is Live, Ridiculous

2010 Bowman is hitting shelves, and it is the first in the line of 3 Bowman products this year for baseball. Each year, in addition to this product that features Chrome prospect cards, we also get an entire 2010 Bowman Chrome set, and the ever-popular 2010 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects that will feature players from this year's amateur draft. Its part of a yearly onslaught from Topps, designed to capitalize on the collectors who want to invest early in players who have yet to make the major league club.

This particular Bowman product is extremely special, mainly due to the players that are included on the autograph checklist. In addition to Stephen Strasburg, last year's number one pick, whom I posted about earlier, there is also a slew of talented players who are likely to be every day contributors for their major league clubs, including some who already have. Thanks to the first Chrome autographs from players like recent call up Starlin Castro, as well Mariners prospects Dustin Ackley and Jose Iglesisas, and Padres prospect Donavan Tate, this set is loaded.

As a result of how packed Bowman is this year, the hype machine is in overdrive, something further fueled by Topps' exclusive license. Because Topps is the only game in town, there is more focus on products like this, even outside of the prospecting community. Personally, I love when the hype machine gets behind products like this, because I think it helps move the hobby along. Although I don’t think it’s a good idea to purchase some of the top singles from the set at the current prices, I definitely like how people are rallying behind it. I think Topps realized how crazy this product would be, because auto cards from Jason Heyward and Austin Jackson are also going to help bring that desire to a breaking point.

I find it actually kind of crazy how much some of the cards are going for, especially some of the lots and higher end rookies:

Steven Strasburg Base Chrome 20 Ct Lot- $455 (25 per card almost!!)
Bryce Harper USA Base Chrome- $25 (THIS IS A BASE CARD!)
Austin Jackson Refractor Auto- $29 (His third chrome card?)
Steven Strasburg Refractor /500- $60 (for a base refractor?)
Donavan Tate Blue Auto /250 - $55
Jason Heyward Blue Auto /250- $105 (this is his second chrome auto, third card)

That being said, these prices are sure to drive up the cost of the boxes and cases even further than they already have. I can only imagine what is going to happen when Strasburg's first CHROME auto comes out with 2010 Bowman Chrome in a few months. That will truly be a testament to how loud the hype machine can get.

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