Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Packout Pictures From 2009 Exquisite Football Rd. 2

These cards are looking terrific, and I am anxiously awaiting the grand finale if and when we get it later this afternoon. I think the cards look vastly superior to last year's stellar design, and they have shown why Upper Deck is the on top of the mountain when it comes to high end. As the general consensus has been on the boards, blogs, and twitter, Panini and Topps need to take note.

I will say that I really dislike booklet cards, as I have said a hundred times, and I dont believe they belong in a set like this. However, if its between a booklet and a crap auto of a rookie in the bonus pack, ill take the booklet. I think that considering how many people are wondering how long Upper Deck has left, this is truly a show that collectors should not be missing.


  1. Yeah, I saw the booklets and groaned aloud. I freakin' hate those things.

  2. Yea, great job UD, making a product 99% of the hobby world won't ever buy. Not saying the cards don't look nice, because they do. But saying other companies should take notice is a joke. 500$ for a handful of cards just isn't reasonable for most people's budget.

  3. To say that 99% of the hobby wouldnt buy this is way too general. First off, I would say its probably more like 90%, and only if you are referring to it in box or case form. There are an ass ton of people that buy exquisite, with many people waiting all year for it.

    To say that 99% of the people wouldnt buy it in single form is absolutely crazy. Its one of the most popular singles driven products of the year outside of SP Authentic.

    Your comment is more of a stand on the High end vs low end type of crap that I am sick of hearing about, and ill tell you, when the cards look like this, $500 for a handful of cards looks a lot more appealing. Either way, if you like low end base card collecting, have fun. Thats what I always say, and yet others think high end is the devil when the tables are turned.

  4. I don't mind high end, and I'm not arguing low end verse high end. I'm just saying the price tag is fucking retarded for what you receive. The value isn't there.

  5. Yeah, I agree - and I don't buy boxes that cost more than $100 (for myself anyway). I'm a low-end/old stock kinda guy, but I appreciate the high end and I'm happy for collectors who can afford it.