Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upper Deck is Posting Pictures From The Exquisite Packout (UPDATED)

Upper Deck is in the midst of packing out 2009 Exquisite Football for the upcoming release, and for the first time Twitter is there to guide us through the process.

Here are the latest batch of pics that include some ridiculous patches. Also, the cards look great compared to some of the pre-release photos. I cannot wait for this to go live in the next few weeks.


Three new updates, the Rare Materials Cards look absolutely amazing. So much better than last year. Also, the Elway looks significantly improved over last year's design as well. This is beginning to look like one of the best products for singles in the last few years. Absolutely incredible.

EDIT: Upper Deck has posted that each of the "gold" packs from this year will either have a rookie bookmark card or an autobiography card. I hate fold outs, which both of these are, but its gotta be better than some of the stuff from last year.

EDIT 2: In my opinion, these are so far one of the best looking cards of the set. I wish this was the design for the rookie patches, as I think it would look killer. Ill settle, as these should be extremely cool. Glad they brought back signed swatches this year.

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  1. Come on! Those are fakes...I can spot it a mile away! 8-)

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Wow! Those are top notch looking cards! I definatley have to give UD credit on these. Their facebook fan page has a picture of several racks of exquisite ready to be packed and they have to be worth a lot of money!!

  3. Topps take note...that is what cards should look like. Too bad we won't be getting any baseball cards that look 1/1,000th as good this year. Beautiful cards, Bravo Upper Deck.

  4. As I related on my blog - my only issue here is the gnarly patches numbered to /99 and the like. I mean, if it was 2008 Exquisite and we saw a patch like that Beanie.. We'd be thinking it's fake. I think this might open the doors to a lot of asshattery.

  5. While I'm not an Upper Deck fan, I do have to say that most of those cards look really good.