Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Topps Unique is Live, Not Unique

Just got back from my local shop to get supplies for the upcoming break tomorrow or thursday, and I saw that they had some Topps Unique on the shelves. Sure enough, when I got back and checked ebay, there were some cards posted, but nothing too exciting. I did get to see one of the box hits at the store, and so far, they are anything but Unique.

Ray Rice Auto - nothing special, another sticker with little to offer
Fred Taylor Patch - I actually like the look of this card, but again, its just a patch
Clinton Portis Jersey - A boring card from what seems to be a boring product
Chester Taylor Base - I said before that the base are uninteresting, this confirms it
Steve Smith Laundry Tag 1/1 - Its interesting that you can pull a whole laundry tag, but the card is barely just a border
Jonathan Stewart Jersey Auto - Another throwaway subset, these cards just put me to sleep

Basically, this is just Topps' way of cleaning out the closet, and if baseball is any indicator, a lot of people are going to end up disappointed. The cards' design is a snoozefest and even the occasional tag or jumbo patch isnt going to save this product, especially if it looks like this.

Im still angry that Topps is giving up on football, but this is not one of the reasons. Its products like Unique that make me scared what will happen in baseball if MLBP wins out. This stuff could have been made by a 12 year old with a copy of photoshop pro, and really, that is completely unacceptable. Instead of weird lines and gradients, how about using something a little more creative. I mean, what would you rather buy, this for 120 or a box of SPA for 100 with 3 on card autos and much better looking cards?


  1. Topps is hit or miss, as usual. They have some fanatical followers though, who think they can do no wrong. Well, this design right here - that would be doing it wrong.

  2. The set doesn't look bad, but it doesn't look great either. It looks average. That being said the jumbo patches and the laundry tag cards look great, even if they only have a small picture of the player on it - I'm sorry I don't need a large picture of a player to jerk off over as NFL players don't do anything for me sexually. However it is a bit of a moot point because there doesn't appear to be any Favre relic cards so it's another set that does little for me.

  3. Why must they continue to bring this kind of well-deserved scrutiny and disapproval upon themselves. It's too easy to knock their style. I am worried too gellman. Strange days ahead.

  4. Well then call me fanatical. Granted Topps Unique is probably not a high value product but compared to what Upper Deck churns out it is at least more legitimate. Upper Deck gives you SP,SPX, SPA - what the SP is going on. Do collector even know what SP stands for. It sounds like an award the ESPN hands out. All the great auto out of 2009 SPA are the same rookies that Topps and Panini puts out.

    Agreed Unique may not be very Unique but the Peterson Card is sweet.

  5. They missed a great opportunity with the Steve Smith Laundry Tag 1/1. There is a line on every tag (visible in the pic) that actually says 'name'. It would be cool if they had the players sign their auto on that line.

    I'd be tempted on the Steve Smith and other players I collect if that were the case.

    Just a though.

  6. Alex, I dont even know what to say about your comments anymore. Its gotten to that point. Not necessarily about the viewpoints, just the tone. Holy crap.

  7. John, that Peterson card has to be one of the most boring jumbo patch cards in history. No originality or heart anywhere in this set. You cant call something "Unique" and then come out with this uninspired junk.