Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SCU Breaks: 2009 SP Authentic 5 Box Break - Tomorrow

For all of you who are participating, I just got confirmation that the boxes will be delivered tomorrow, pending any unforseen circumstances. Trading will be closed at 2pm and after that you get what you have.

Im very excited and I hope we end up with some great stuff. Thanks again to Chris and Pat over at Blowout Cards for the expedited delivery! These should be some fresh boxes, so get pumped.


  1. Still trying to get rid of the Rams/Bills haha...hit me up with ANY offers...the only thing saving these teams is if one of the Jim Kelly/Thurman Thomas autos gets pulled. Though a Jairus Byrd patch auto might be nice!

  2. Check back around 6pm PST. By then I should have some preliminary results up. This one will take a while, so bear with me.