Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taking Out The Trash: Fake Auto Edition

One of my new readers, George, passed this guy's info to me, and I thought it was worth posting. Its not because the autos he is selling are obviously fake, its the stuff he chose to put them on. A few relevant Sports Illustrateds from the last few weeks, some old Becketts, some old base cards, it just looks that he was taking out his trash and decided to make some money the asshole way.

No one is really biting on any of these, but I just thought it was a hilarious attempt at fooling people. Maybe I can find some used toilet paper and see if I can sell a fake Jamarcus Russell Auto on it before I flush.


  1. It is truly amazing that apparently every athlete signed with the same pen, the same hand weight and they all signed at the same angle. What luck he surely has, he must have had every athlete show up at the same time and sign for him all at once.

    I wont even point out that his Peyton Manning autos are off, the “P” and “M” are no where near what Manning’s actual auto look like. But I guess if you pay $2.99 for a Manning or Brady auto you get what you pay for.

  2. speaking of assholes, I think our buddy Wolverine24 has a new alias. Auctions for nolimitsports23 look EXACTLY like his and are also in Ohio.