Saturday, February 6, 2010

The 2009 NFL Hall Of Fame Class Is Short One Person

I dont fucking get it. Jerry Rice? In. Charley Taylor? In. Art Monk? In. Lynn Swann? In. Michael Irvin, despite cocaine and rape charges? In. Cris Carter, the second best receiver of all time? Denied for the third straight year.

Just to hammer this home, lets run down some stats.

Cris Carter: 1,101 Receptions, 13,899 yards, 130 TDs.

Jerry Rice (Class of 2009): 1549 Receptions, 22895 yards, 197 TDs

Art Monk (Class of 2008: 940 receptions, 12,721 yards, 68 TDs
Michael Irvin (Class of 2007): 750 receptions, 11904 yards, 65 TDs
James Lofton (Class of 2003): 764 receptions, 14,004 yards, 75 TDs
Lynn Swann (Class of 2001): 336 receptions, 5462 yards, 51 TDs
Steve Largent (Class of 1995): 819 receptions, 13,089 yards, 100 TDs
Charley Taylor (Class of 1984): 649 receptions, 9110 yards, 79 TDs

Please fucking tell me how you let Michael "Ill do a line off my HOF bust" Irvin in, but you deny someone like Cris Carter who was one of the most feared and dominant receivers for over 14 years?!? I just dont fucking get it.

I guess if you play in Minnesota with shitty ass QBs you dont matter, but when you play in big D and you act like an asshole for 10 years and get lucky with Troy Aikman tossing you some easy ones, its all gravy.

Honestly, this is a crime.


  1. I am sure somebody can dig this up somewhere, but I bet Carter caught TD passes by more different QBs then anybody in the history of the game. I mean they had a revolving door up there during his tenure.

  2. It's players like Carter that make the HOF a sham when they are not in. I am ok with all of the WR's that are in, but Carter is far more deserving

  3. I figured this was definitely his year... in fact, I picked up a few of his autos to beat the rush. guess i'll have another year to get my hands on more of his autos.

  4. I don't even get mad at the Football Hall of Fame vote anymore because they don't even pretend like it's not a complete fucking joke. A bunch of old fat writers sitting at a table drunk off their ass bullshitting about the good ol' days before putting in the one or two blatantly obvious choices then throwing some darts at a wall full of vintage football cards and inducting whoever loses their PSA grade. Really, that's the only way to explain why John Randle got IN, while Chris carter didn't make the FIRST CUT. Dumbasses.

  5. In their defense, most of the other guys are old school and their numbers are big for the time they played in.

    You are right though...the only reason Irvin is in there is because he played on the Cowboys during their Dynasty days. Big market guys always get that edge because they are constantly shoved down everyone's throat.

  6. I can't understand the HOFs anymore... It just boggles the mind. Carter over Irvin any day. Though, I may have to disagree with you on Blyleven. Then again, I'm the type that thinks 30-40% of the people in the baseball HOF don't belong there. I'm weird.

  7. it is a shame when someone of chris carters caliber gets the door shut in his face for a third time....when i started watching football i was a vicking fan..i used to say wow!! how the fuck did he catch that ball?? he's got glue on his fingertips..remember him on one side and moss on the other?? they are a big reason why teams then and now are dracfting bigger corners

  8. As someone who has knowledge of the process, he didn't get in this year for two reason:

    Jerry Rice and they wanted Rice to be the only receiver elected in. (BTW, this is 27 straight years, only one WR or less has gotten in.)

    The HOF is trying to elect more defensive players, thus Rickey Jackson, LeBeau, JOhn Randle.

    He'll get in next year. Tim Brown the year after, but:

    1) You can't just judge Carter's stats at face value compared to say, Steve Largent. Carter played in a balanced-to-pass heavy league. Largent played in a distinctive run-heavy league. Carter played in a league where pass interference penalties were plentiful. Largent played in a league where holding and PI's were less called.

    I'm not saying Carter wasn't a great receiver. But to call him the 2nd-best EVAR!!! w/o adjusting for era is pretty silly. Like using batting average to determine baseball player value silly.

    Also, before you get all sanctimonious with the Irvin coke crap, remember there was a reason Cris Carter got cut by Philly and it was the massive amounts of nose trash he was consuming. (Not that I really give two shits either way, but just saying).

  9. Exception, My all time favorite reciever Steve Largent, From Seattle of all places! this was the exception to the big market rule I guess. But the numbers speak for themselves. Irvin is a Joke and I'm a Cowboys fan. Grant

  10. I don't know about second best WR of all time, but he does deserve to be in there, and he will be some time soon. Tim Brown has just as much of a claim to the HOF, even though it was only his first year of eligibility. His numbers are essentially the same as Carter's except for TDs, and he played for joke that are the Raiders over the last 20 years - 1,094 receptions, 14,934 yards, 100Tds. He was also a top flight punt returner for a number of years.

    Oh, and daddydrank213 is right - Carter had his own drug problems, so if Irvin's drug problems should have worked against him, they should work against Carter too.