Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl Brings Out The Best In Us All

Someone paid 72 dollars for this card. Why, im not sure. It may be the worst fake since the Eli Manning triple NFL logo/fake auto from a few months ago, and yet, someone still bought it. On top of the sticker being beyond terrible, its pretty dumb to put a laundry tag in a card labeled "game worn jersey." In addition, the sitcker is in the wrong color pen, it looks nothing like Bush's signature, and yet, it was enough to convince at least one person it was worth buying.

Not only that, but this card was scanned front AND back, and it is clearly labeled as a non-auto, non prime jersey card in BOTH scans. If that wasnt enough, it looks like it was done pretty poorly with the perfectly centered laundry tag. Too funny.

Either way, im sure this is the first of many awful cards to come after the end of the game, and I encourage you to be extra careful when going on a Saints or Colts buying spree once its over. A lot of people will be out to take your money, and thats where you need to watch your ass.

Have fun tonight, ill recap my highlights tomorrow.

EDIT: I guess it does say auto on the back in little letters, but there is no way that auto is real. Its the wrong color and things that dont change sig to sig are wrong. Look at the slant of the auto and the two beginning letters, they are wrong. Also, the way the B and the last stroke are connected are not similar to any other bush sig. Not to mention its all in the wrong color. This isnt real.


  1. why do people have to ruin things!!!!!!!! even something as simple as a sports card people find away to fuck decent people like us that collect these fucking things!!!! well it is the buyers fault too..i always research a memorabilia or autographed card before iu buy it..i'll go to the beckett data base (yes i said beckett..not a big fan either) but if it is in there files it in most cases real...

  2. how do they get the fake patch in behind the die cut window?

  3. It is an obvious fake, however the back of the card does say that it is an auto card.