Monday, February 8, 2010

The Season is Over Today, and I Am Sad

Today is a sad day for me, not because the Saints won the super bowl, but because the last game of the year is done. Now it’s a few months until baseball and the draft, and I am stuck with a barren wasteland of sports that I follow, at least until things start ramping up for the next go around. I love baseball in the beginning, and I follow it usually all the way through, but my first love has always been football, and I will miss it dearly.

As for the game, it was entertaining, and it was cool to see the underdog win. Although the CBS broadcast reached its usual low, and the halftime show was mediocre, the game itself lived up to the billing. Two 4th and goal stops, a ridiculous pick six, and a wonderful day for a city ravaged by one of the worst domestic natural disasters in recent memory, all contributed to a fun night.

First, I believe that Tracy Porter needs his own day in New Orleans. He saved the Vikings game for them, and won the Super Bowl, and its time to give him city wide recognition. The guy is the New Orleans season in a nutshell, and though he isnt the most well known guy, he did everything he was supposed to do, and then some.

Second, regardless of the way Manning played last night, he still deserves to be called one of the best ever, and that’s if he never wins another super bowl again. The guy is the best in the game right now, even though he was bested by Brees and his band of merry men. Unlike Derek Jeter who is widely regarded as a guy who just "wins every time" despite his team doing most of the work, Manning is a guy who actually drives his team to a higher level. His production on offense is the Colts' entire winning scheme, and without him, they wouldn’t even be a playoff team. Football may be different in terms of a player's contribution, but the analogy still stands. Manning TRULY the guy who wins - except for last night.

Lastly, Brees should be heralded for his skills as well, because he is definitely the best free agent pickup in NFL history. Back in 2006, when he was coming off a shoulder injury, to think that he could turn around a franchise like the Saints with these kind of results is ludicrous. Brees is right up there with Manning in many ways, and last night solidified a lot of those thoughts.

Quick Hits From The Evening

1. Whoever sewed the patches on the Colts jersey had it right, the Saints and Refs had problems. The whole night, I kept thinking the refs looked like they had gotten shanked because the patch looked like blood on their shirt.

2. Abe Vigoda is awesome, and Snickers had the best commercial of the night because of his appearance.

3. I get that Youtube stars were a big thing, but to have two commercials use the dramatic gopher in relative back to back spots is embarassing.

4. Lesson from Tim Tebow: Dont abort your baby because then you might not have anyone to tackle you in a Super Bowl ad. Oh, and if your kid is gay, he needs to go to conversion therapy. Yes, the site he promoted thinks that's a good idea. Nice.

5. Who cares if you cause huge amounts of grief to your family and friends, as long as you have doritos, its cool to fake your own death.

6. Barney Stinson deserves to be in the hall of game. Thats all I have to say about that. (Watch HIMYM, its a great fucking show)

7. Reggie Bush proved AGAIN that he isnt worth his option, as Pierre Thomas is clearly the better back. 15 mil goes right down the drain when you cant play for shit.

I guess this is the final goodbye for 2009, one of the most entertaining seasons in a long, long time. Now its time to switch gears and figure out who is going to be drafted by who come march, and start looking forward to another Twins central division title. Yes, that just happened.


  1. I give NO huge credit for gambling on Brees three years ago! If I was the Colt's GM/Owner/Coach at the time, I wouldn't have touched Brees with a 'ten foot pole!'

    Don't forget Big Bang Theory on cbs! That show absolutley cracks me up!

    Loved the Letterman commercial with Leno and Oprah! Letterman came up with the idea and I was a bit surprised cbs and nbc let them get together for the commercial! Props to Letterman!

  2. Manning is a great QB, but he's definately not the greatest ever and I believe the jury is still out on whether he is one of the greatest ever . Look at the first round skill players the team has surrounded him with during his time - Marivin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown. Given these players and the number of winning seasons the team has had, you'd think they would have won more than one Super Bowl so far.

  3. Oh, and Tim Tebow - putting the mental into fundamentalist.