Saturday, February 13, 2010

SCU Breaks - Team Randomizer 2009 SP Authentic 5 Box Break

Here is the team list and randomizer video for the upcoming 5 box break of 2009 SP Authentic Football. For the random teams you have listed next to your name, you can trade until Wednesday at 2:00pm PST. Please notify me if you have completed a trade, the trading block is below for all discussion and offers. Remember to check back frequently to see if you have something waiting for you, I do not notify unless requested.

Daniel V (PAID) - Cowboys, Raiders
Thaddius D (PAID) - Bills, Rams
Thomas W (PAID) - Bears, Packers
Ryan LF (PAID) - Steelers, Browns, Patriots, Broncos
Eric I (PAID) - Bucs, Bengals, Chargers, Seahawks
Voluntarheel (PAID) - Dolphins, Ravens, Panthers, Colts
Andrew H (PAID) - Saints, Jaguars
Leonard G (PAID) - Vikings, Niners
Bruce H (PAID) - Falcons, Chiefs, Jets, Texans
Chad C (PAID) - Lions, Giants
Brian R (PAID) - Cardinals, Titans
Josh B (PAID) - Redskins, Eagles

Here is the video of the randomizer, sorry for the low quality, my web cam is on its last legs.

Thanks again to Chris and Pat over at Blowout cards for their help, be sure to check out their site for the best prices on the net for wax.

For those who are interested, the break is scheduled for wednesday, pending any weather issues. Thanks to all who are participating.


  1. Holy crap! I actually got the team I wanted (Packers)!

  2. @Chad

    What would it take for the Lions?


  3. I like the teams I have, so... Just sayin' I'm not interested in any trading. Good luck fellas, this should be fun.

  4. Oh, if anyone is interested in Da Bears... they are up for trade.

  5. Does anybody want the Rams or Bills? Not a fan of either team, would love Chad's NYG, but either way, let me know, thanks!

  6. will give up 2 teams for the eagles I have bucs,seahawks, bengals, and chargers

  7. @ Volutarheel

    Sorry, I am a huge Lions fan (insert joke).... Was born and raised there, probably no way I can trade that team considering they have three RPA's in this set, along with a ton of autos from rookies to Barry Sanders....

    @ Teddy

    Not interested in those teams, sorry

  8. Sounds good Chad. Good job getting you Team in the draw.

  9. interested in the Cowboys and the Colts... if either is up for trade, lmk.

  10. Canuck, who do you have? I don't know your name.

  11. sorry dude, didn't realize he put up my actual name...
    Cardinals and Titans

  12. @Cpt. Canuck

    while the prospect of hitting the Beanie Wells redemption is tempting, I am going to stick with my Colts.

    I am a Volunteer fan afterall. And Peyton could rear his head in this break.

    Best of luck on your teams.