Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reebok Logos and Hand Numbered Patches Make Their Debut In 2009 SP Authentic

In the past, whenever we have seen sleeve logo and brand logo patches in the non-parallel versions of the SPA rookie patch autos, we knew something was up. Now, not so much, as the patches are looking crazier than ever. Even in the base patches out of 999 and below, there are numerous versions of the Reebok patches from the sleeves of the jersey.

Here are some examples:

Glen Coffee
Aaron Curry
Mark Sanchez
LeSean McCoy

For these cards, the patch is legit, as the cards are too new, and because there are so many examples. I imagine there are at least 5 to 10 per player and we could see more as the patches are unearthed. That gets fucking scary to me when you think about what the possibilities are.

There is also a new level of patches that are numbered to 5, but the numbering is not the weird thing. The part of these cards that befuddles me is the hand numbering, as all of them are not foil stamped.

Here are some examples:

Brandon Pettigrew
Matt Stafford
Javon Ringer

These are all listed parallels on the SPA checklist, though unlike the gold patches, the only difference is the hand numbering. I dont get it, but im sure we will have more of them by the time this product hits the faking threshold. Although I doubt fakers will be able to find a way to get rid of the foil without damaging the cards, this could cause some issues in the long run.

What other mysteries does SPA hold? Im guessing we will have a few more in the coming weeks.


  1. all of the reebok logo's are 100% fake except the glen coffee. on "official" jerseys that the players wear, the reebok logo's are actual patches, not just stitch. for exanple, there is not jersey in between. the sanchez is 100% fake. you can tell from the patch and the edges on the patch look destroyed, anyways.. i bought a jersey of him from nfl auctions. its a signed game worn jersey. the reebok logo's on it are a patch. but on the one that is on ebay, in between all the "green" reebok parts, its white jersey, when its supposed to be white patch.

    look at the national treasures patches from last year. there were a ton of reebok logo's in that thenn, there all a "twill" like patch.

    examples of real reebok logos by the ebay item number; 400101271263, 350317205016, 350315122266, 370261976321

    its probably alot more clear on the last one. im not trying to prove you wrong, i love this site, i just dont want anyone to get ripped off!
    thanks guys

  2. I think I have to disagree with you on this one. Thats just me, i dont see any evidence to support that these are fake quite yet. I think it may just be different jerseys for the three companies.

  3. i guess i can understand where your coming from. but all the jerseys are the same, there all made by the same company. but even last year with upper deck, i got a harry douglas sp redemption back from ud and it was like the ones i pointed out. im not trying to argue or anything. everyone has there ow say you know? but the sanchez is 100% with out a doubt no good. but again, thats my opinion