Saturday, February 13, 2010

Again, I Am Telling You To Buy Early For SPA

SP Authentic is still a few weeks away from having questions about authenticity, but in all honesty, questioning patches will always be a problem until there is a national photo database. This Matt Ryan gold patch auto is probably one of the most valuable non 1/1s in the 2008 set, but that didnt stop someone from almost certainly defiling this card. I would normally not have an issue with seeing a logo patch out of last year's SPA, but when the guy also has a Flacco patch like this, questions arise.

See, SPA has a major problem with fakes. MAJOR. Because the cards have such a huge premium for logo patches, and so many people have become accustomed to pack pulled 25 color patches, its become very tough to discern fakes. In fact, because of this fact, 2007 and 2008 SPA RPAs have become some of the biggest targets in the hobby.

I have said on numerous occasions that you need to buy logos early or stick to 2 color patches, because once the 6 week mark hits, its a crapshoot with the three colors and above. You may pay an extra 10-20%, but it may be worth it to know that you have one that is real.

Another small victory for the RPAs this time, is that when you have as many big name redemptions as you do, collectors will have a lot more time to let prices settle before buying redemptions. Yes, redemptions suck, but at least you can buy six months from now and not worry about fakes.

I hate that its gotten to this point, but when you have a hobby as filled with douchebag goat fuckers as it is, drastic measures need to be adopted.

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  1. I think card companies need to cover up the patch with clear plastic - or at least do what Topps has done with Mayo and only have a little window where the relic isn't covered with plastic, particularly for bigger patches. I mean really, who wants to be able to "touch" the relic - most people put them in some sort of plastic case (top loader, screw-down or magnetic case) anyway where you can't touch the relic.

    Will it detract from the card - maybe slightly, but that is a price I am willing to pay if it means authentic, protected relics.