Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First SPA Logo Is Up on Ebay, and Its a Doozy

The Matt Stafford SPA Logo 1/1 was posted today, and to tell you the truth, im kind of shocked that its a player like Stafford. On an interesting note, the 1/1 foil is not the trademarked UD script, which is kind of surprising as well.

Either way, the BIN is super high, and I guess there are quite a few people that are looking to make offers. I expect this one to sell if the guy will actually let it go.

Here's hoping we get the next one tomorrow. Sorry that I just jinxed it.


  1. You would think for 5 grand he's ship it free.

  2. Oh come on now, he has to make sure he makes his money back on the item. ;)

  3. For a guy who has played one year, plays for a crappy team and hasn't accomplished anything yet, that is sure a pretty penny for that card!!