Thursday, January 28, 2010

Topps National Chicle Is Live - Brutally Ugly

National Chicle has hit eBay, and this set is so ridiculously ugly that its actually pretty funny. I had to laugh at some of these cards, and I just cant understand why Topps would even think of doing this set. Maybe its just to dump old stickers.

Case and Point:

Mother of god.


  1. Well, the upside of Chicle baseball is that there will be on card autos and what I've seen of the art - it's better. This is like... The beta release of Chicle or something?

  2. DAMN.... How could Topps have looked at these cards and thought people would want them?

  3. I like throwback designs and "art" pictures as opposed to photos. But even I think that picture leaves a fair bit to be desired.

  4. Well if he was on the fence about retirement before...just show him his latest card. He'll walk away no question.