Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interesting Typos In National Treasures

National Treasures is entering its third day, and already some collectors have noticed a few things that just dont seem right. For some of the Rookie Material cards in the product, the swatches are actually labeled as "GAME WORN" when in reality these pieces come from jerseys worn at the rookie premiere. As has been the case for multiple years of this product, there are not enough available jerseys for the rookies to put in cards, which is confusing considering that so many of the cards are labeled wrong.

Basically, there is no way these are game worn, and they should not be purchased as such. This is a typo on the cards that may have added value for people who dont know any better, but for the informed, its a joke. These are the same exact cards as the ones in rookies and stars, gridiron gear, and limited, so dont think you need to rush out and buy the farm because it is labeled as game used.

Secondly, I love that the Laundry Tag cards in the "COLOSSAL" rookie materials subset feature swatches that are actually smaller than the regular swatches on the regular cards. Yes, yes, I get that they are laundry tags, but its still funny that Colossal is printed right next to the window in huge letters. Plus, im not sure who would even want one of these cards considering they look so weird with such a small window.

Yeah, its become pretty obvious that this year's product is a big step down from 2006-2008, and it is getting funnier by the minute.


  1. I f'n hate Panini. Square jersey box, Die-cut jersey box, weirdly shaped jersey box with a sticker auto. It's like every other product they dumped out this year.

  2. maybe they are trying to add a new term to the hobby that is so cool that kids will yell "WHAT A COLOSSAL HIT!" instead of "AWESOME MOJOZ!!!"

  3. Perhaps they had the antendees of the Rookie Premiere play some checkers with their uniforms on. A whole new meaning to the term "GAME USED!"

  4. More like, "LAME Used", amirite?

    Turns out the typo was only the first letter.

    This has been a long-time depressing fact of the hobby for me. Most for what passes for a "relic" piece has been intrinsically valueless for years now.

    I'd argue that nearly any relic card produced these days has virtually zero compelling interest or importance. The rare cases are the higher-end, finite-quantity pieces like a Josh Gibson bat slice, or Ruth jersey snippet. Anything else is a waste of time, for card makers and collectors.

    Who really cares about "event worn" anything? What does "worn" in that context even mean? The player spent twenty minutes putting on and taking off a freshly unwrapped jersey every thirty seconds? If that?

    At minimum, even something lame like a "game worn" pro bowl jersey swatch might have been worn all day, even if the guy didn't play a down. At least an actual game was going on that day.