Thursday, January 28, 2010

SCU Breaks: 5 Boxes 2009 Ultimate Collection Baseball - FULL

Im sure you have all seen the ridiculous cards that are coming out of 2009 Ultimate Collection Baseball, and I want to give you guys a chance to get in on some of it without risking 100 bucks a box. This will be a 5 box break, standard rules, one slot equals two random teams. 15 slots at 36 bucks a pop to cover paypal fees and shipping supplies/cost. There is a limit of two slots per person, and your name will not be posted until you have sent paypal to the address.

Payments need to be sent to, and you will receive all cards from the teams you are randomly assigned. I will NOT be participating in this break, so there wont be any reason for me to scam you. Videos for random and break will be posted on the SCU youtube channel for your viewing pleasure. Slots are listed below, please allow me time to see your payment before sending me hate mail.

EDIT: I have been made aware of a lower price for the boxes than 96 a piece. I will refund money if that price is still available at the time of order. Dont worry, im not going to rob you.

1. John S (PAID)
2. Jeremy K(PAID)
3. Arfmax (PAID)
4. Josh B(PAID)
5. Mario Z (PAID)
6. Antonio S (PAID)
7. Johnson Z (PAID)
8. Ryan W (PAID)
9. Hockey Town Cards (PAID)
10. Michael R (PAID)
11. Darkship (PAID)
12. Joe M (PAID)
13. Chris M (PAID)
14. Aaron R (PAID)
15. Aaron R (PAID)

Good luck!