Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Card Is STILL 100% Fake

I posted earlier this week on the Peterson National Treasures Gold Auto that features an entire swatch with a Vikings head logo. The seller obviously has gotten quite a few emails because he is trying to pass this card off as real using an article that I FUCKING WROTE for Tuff Stuff. The auction was edited since my first post, and I am pissed that he is using my stuff to try to justify this abomination.

Here is my response.

Per NUMEROUS conversations I have had with ALL THREE FUCKING CARD COMPANIES, Peterson did not, I repeat, did not wear any of the old Vikings throwbacks at the premiere. He may have worn jerseys of other players in the new jersey style, but NO THROWBACKS. Based on that info, there is no possible way a swatch like this could be obtained, because the logo on the current jersey is much, much smaller than this one that covers the whole window.

This guy may not be the faker himself, but the card he is selling is fake. Next time he should maybe use proof from someone who isnt calling him out in the fucking first place.


  1. In all honesty I haven't followed the fake Peterson stuff you've written about too closely because I don't collect football or high end. But I do read the posts.

    I don't really get why this guy would link to the Tuff Stuff article, even if he wasn't aware that you were the author. In the article there is an example of a fake patch and a real patch. It took about 2 seconds to determine that the look of the patch on his card clearly matched the fake one, not the real one. I don't get why he thought the article would help convince him that the card was legit.


    BTW, the auction was ended. I guess he took it down of something.

  2. Wow! Just, wow! Nothing should surprise me anymore. But yet, it does.