Wednesday, January 27, 2010

National Treasures 1/1s Popping Up All Over The Place on Ebay

There are a bunch of cool looking 1/1s that are popping up on eBay, though some of them are not living up to the standards set by 2007 and 2008's. We know that the Robiskie 1/1 Logo Patch auto has been pulled on blowout, and now the Josh Freeman is up on eBay. In addition, there is also another Robiskie that is out of the colossal patch set with no auto, as well as a Moreno Tag Patch Logo 1-of-1, meaning there is many more logos in this product than there should be for the rookies. Funny enough, over a quarter of the "colossal" set has swatches that are smaller than the normal ones for the rest of the set.

In addition to the rookie logos being what they are, there are a few subsets that are well below the extremely low standards set by the 2009 set. Below, a 2008 Kevin Curtis 1/1 Logo patch is next to a Barry Sanders tag patch from 2009. They are both 1/1s from the same parallel of the base set, but one OBVIOUSLY looks a lot better. Ill give you a hint, its not the Sanders.

In the same vein of the jumbled messes that were the immortal patch autos out of 2009 Leaf Certified, these new 1/1s look like the 101 Freeway in LA during rush hour - busy as fucking hell. Rather than building on the simplistic awesomeness of the 2007 and 2008 1/1s, they have made the cards into a shitty version of Leaf Certified. Thank you Panini.


  1. Panini has no clue on how to design good looking cards.
    The new set looks like a glorified Score set.
    Less is more when it comes it busy, squigly lines.

  2. Looks like they were trying to go Exquisite with those curves - only no foil, lol.

  3. Wax Wombat makes the point I was making yesterday - some of these National Treasures cards aren't that different from many exquisite cards. The Sanders is no more busy than this card, which is from a set many people like:

  4. haha i didnt even see the sanders auto until I saw you say that the curtis and sanders are apart of the same set. awesome design....awesome design...............noooooooot