Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Am Shocked By 2009 Ultimate Collection Baseball - Logos or No Logos

2009 Ultimate Collection Baseball has hit with a vengence and it is glorious so far. Not every box has been great, but many of them are seemingly packed with goodness. I have seen a few boxes broken, seen the boxes on blowout, and I am continually shocked by what is coming out of them. Jumbo patches with ridiculous swatches, great looking cards with on card signatures, and a seemingly blatant disregard for the logos that Topps paid so dearly for. I love it.

The best cards that have hit eBay are the amazing HOFer jersey and autos, but they arent the only ones that look shocking. There have been just as many cards of current stars that are making collectors salivate, from a product that has actually been pretty uneventful over the last few years.

I have said on a few occasions that Ultimate Collection is the one product, hobby wide, that could greatly benefit from a revamp. It costs a bunch for what you get, the cards arent THAT cool, and there is only one hit per box. Your one hit used to be something like this, but now it is something like this.

I guess Upper Deck has found some sort of loophole in the licensing because there sure are a lot of things on these cards that shouldnt be there. That means they are either A) giving the middle finger to Topps, B) filing this under the 2009 Product calendar, or C) really stupid.

We should find out pretty soon.


  1. Even though it is released in 2010, it is a 2009 product, so I think they can get away with it. And looks good! If only football looks this nice, we might have some real sick stuff!

  2. I looked on ebay and there are some nice looking cards from this set.
    I saw some really nice patches.

  3. I think UD is doing all three... Just waiting to see what Topps will do.