Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Panini Takes 'Bush League' To An Unprecedented New Level

When the signatures on your cards look like this, its probably best not to display them. It makes me wonder if these are actually just the good ones, complete with bubbly and streaky signatures across the board. Could there be worse ones out there? What the fuck are they thinking? Those horrible looking sigs sure dont complement that awful design very well.

Now, with preliminary reports of Gridiron Gear being a complete and utter waste of space, Panini really needs to re-evaluate things if football is going to continue to be viable for them. For fuck's sake, these guys are complete fucking amateurs. How long until SPA again?



  1. Man, that smearing/bubbling is pretty bad. I still like the NT design, but not if the autos look like they bubbling out.

    Why are they trying to hide the auto in contenders this year? Sheesh, if Chris Johnson was in this years set, we may never be able to see it.

  2. This blog has gone from interesting to just another place of advertisement for Upper Deck. UD has yet to release anything not rubbish this year, wont be reading about it here though...

  3. Actually, I thought the flagship UD stuff was a great set for the price. Adding the premier stuff and the great photography did wonders for that set. I also think that UD's best part of the calendar has yet to be released.

    Plus, Panini's stuff has been junk, and this crap with NT and Contenders is just further fuel to the fire. The cards (as with the rest of their shit) look awful, and are full of horrid concepts and stupid design elements.

  4. Aaaaand the propaganda continues.

    Shorter Gellman:

    "Donini BAD. Upper Deck GOOD."

    Blah, blah, blah, lather, rinse, repeat.

  5. I like the fact they are starting to do the on-card autos. If the autos are going to come out overall this badly like a few of these examples...god help us all. At least get them signed with a better sharpie or something.

  6. Well Max, Donini hasn't been that good thusfar. I don't even call them Donini anymore. The good stuff that Donruss used to do has been all but stripped away already after just a few releases. They are just Panini now.