Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giridiron Gear Is Live, Ugly

Back in 2006, I discovered Gridiron Gear as a cool set with cards that featured rookie patches and autos for a great price. The design was very cool, everything fit well, and I was more than excited to see that Laurence Maroney and a few of the other targets I had were being featured on some of the coolest cards around.

When 2007 Gridiron Gear was released, there were a ton of people who were touting it as one of the best looking products of the year. I was one of those people. The cards looked great, the subsets were fresh, and the Gridiron Gems looked top of the line. A Simple, white background, as well as nice placement of the swatches, all combined to make a great looking card. It was a build on the 2006 set that I was collecting, but looked even better with the clear sticker.

Then 2008 rolled around, and the design trends that are running rampant through Panini's product lines today, started to show up and become the rule instead of the exception. Busy backgrounds, oddly placed swatches that broke the border of the card, and a complete disregard for the elements that made 2007 great. I didnt even buy a single pack out of protest.

Now we are getting 2009 Gridiron Gear, and again, the set is going in the wrong direction. Floating swatches are back, though this time they are shaped weirdly and dont really fit. The background is still busy, and looks like a giant pac-man eating the windows. The player is again covered up by the relics, and nothing really looks right. When you look back at how cool 2006 and 2007 was, this is an abomination.

Really, this is only one part of the set, but the other parts are just rehashes. Plastic helmets are back, player timelines are back, and Gridiron Gear continues its slide. The set is filled with ugly cards, and I am disappointed that once again, I am prevented from collecting one of my favorite sets because the cards were Panini-nized.



  1. where is the review of UD sp sig? The worst product of the year if not all time. Oh wait that is an UD product/. If panini did a sticker dump like that you wold create yet another post about them..The agenda is blatant it is laughable. Shall I quote you from your video way back when. "I will never buy another UD product" Guess you should have added unless they give me something too..

  2. It will be up soon, and it will be one of the lowest rated products of the year. I havent had as much time as of late, bigger things than cards are happening in my life. Because of that, I havent been able to sit down and write for an hour on every review.