Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First Look: 2009 Topps Platinum Football

First we had Chrome, then Sterling, now Platinum. I know, lame as hell, right? Well, as a final hurrah, Topps announced via Twitter that they are putting out this set to close out their license with the NFL. I had heard from a few people that Topps was creating a product to directly compete with the perennial awesomosity of SPA, but this is too little too late.

Basically the product is going to be set up exactly like SPA, 24 packs with one rookie patch auto per box and lots of base. Unlike SPA, however, the product is all stickers (as usual for Topps), and the cards look like bastard children of Bowman Sterling and Topps Chrome.

After seeing this, maybe its a good thing after all that Topps is leaving.


  1. WOW....those cards are fugly! No other way to say it

  2. I kind of like them to be honest

  3. if they didn't have sticker autos I actually really like them. The players are prominent and the design flows well.

  4. Since when is a cross between topps Chrome and/or Finest & Bowman Sterling a bad thing? These look great.

  5. Somebody explain to me how this was not the Sterling design. This IS Sterling.

    09 Sterling was like the barbed-wire arm tattoo to this clean design.

    But c'mon, you can't compete with the smokey SP Authentic patch autos with stickers. Can't be done. We are smarter than that.

  6. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell with those sticker auto's!