Friday, September 4, 2009

First Look: 2009 SP Authentic Football

Upper Deck posted the SPA photos today on their facebook page, and when I saw the post, my heart jumped. SP Authentic is my favorite set of the year, which means that its pretty much a holiday when I can see how its going to look. This year, I kind of had an initial poor reaction to the new design, but I think I have warmed up now. Of course, now that SP officially stands for "Smoky Players, " ill let you guys see for yourselves why I had the initial reaction I did.

I will say this, the rookie jumbo patch signatures look like they could be some of the coolest cards released during the entire year. Football hasnt seen signed swatches like this since 2006 Exquisite, so Im glad to see that they are making a comeback. Also, the Rookie Authentics dont look all that bad, and the team color elements on a white background does look nice. Im not getting why UD chose smoke as the theme for the set, as the simplicity of the design without the smoke would be amazing. Maybe we will get lucky and it wont be as noticible.


  1. Count me the hell in again this year. These look sweet.

  2. Seriously though..... manufactured patches in SPA?! Jesus, they're everywhere.

  3. Now this I like! I havent liked many of the 2009 products, but this is a must buy for me.

  4. I love the auto on patch card...this stuff looks kick ass! Do you have idea if they are going to do the retro rookie autos again? those were nice last year.

  5. Thoughts:

    - SPA has gotten too "complicated" with the manu. patches, lettermen, etc... go back to RCs, SOTT and Chirography

    - 10 RAPs per case means they upped the production and/or increased the number of subjects, i.e. more scrubs

    - The RAPs having the color along the left side will lead to lots of chipped cards. When the borders are totally white, it helps the look of the cards

    - The Super Patch cards are just the football version of the "Scripted Swatches" they have for Exquisite NBA.

    - Keep slurping, Gellman.

  6. I guess Ryan renamed himself McB

  7. His points are all valid.

    I hate the Chris Wells patch auto, mainly because patch autos are terrible. They always leak along the fibres and I can't understand them. Put the damn auto on the card so it doesn't run.

    The gold cards (SOTT) need more contrast.

    Other than that, Primo set.

  8. McB, I don't think this was his review, it was just a first look. Your opinions are as valid as his on a first look. The slurping comment shows more bias than anything Gellman has written.

    You are Ryan are so predictable. Start posting on your own blog where your opinions can take center stage.

    I love the new look of the RPA's. Yeah, corner will probably have some chipping issues on occasion. But I'd rather see the chip than to buy one online and find that there is a ding in it that I couldn't see. Chipping aside, the design is top notch.

    The 10 per case doesn't necessarily mean more scrubs, it could also mean less production of cases. We won't know until we see the checklist. Based on the number of the Stafford (/499) it looks like they are aiming for the same production run as last year. #/499 for Group A and #/999 for everyone else. The fear was that it was going to lower value. I could be wrong, but I don't think that happened. There does seem to be some extra white space to the left of the patch. It wouldn't be bad except it's in the dead center of the card. Making the patch slightly bigger could solve this.

    The manufactured patch is frightening. It's the By The Numbers set for this year it seems. My question is why bother with the patch at all? Just make a cool design and be done with it. If you can't include a jersey patch, just forget it all together.

    The Sign of the Times autos are a HUGE upgrade as the fire storm last year hid the autos in most cases.

    I am on the fence with the super patch autos. If done well like the Wells, it could come out great. It's already an upgrade from the letter autos. They just need to be selective with the patch area that they sign. Give them a good surface area like the Wells. Also go with a sharp pointed sharpie to minimize the ink run in the fabric.

    What about making the tops of those like the acrylic rookie autos in SP Threads Basketball last year? Downside would be you cant feel the patch, but the upside would be a sharp auto and a sweet design element. Just a thought.

    Chirography is a set that needs retiring in my opinion. Haven't liked it since '06.