Friday, September 4, 2009

Topps Chrome: Spot The Changes

After the wonderful breath of fresh air that was on card signatures for Topps Chrome BASEBALL, Topps Chrome FOOTBALL is actually confirmed 100% stickers. After seeing the sell sheet that featured great looking mock up cards with supposed on card signatures, its now obvious that was never the plan. Not only that, but the design for the rookie autos has changed as well.

I guess if you are going to use stickers as you have for every incarnation of this set, you might as well avoid the curved auto space. They tried the curve with Bowman Chrome last year, which didnt exactly look great. On the bright side, it wont be as easy as it once was to counterfeit these cards, as the auto versions of the rookies have slightly different name spaces. In the past, there was little that was different between the base rookie and auto rookie, but this year, there is quite a bit.

As if we should be surprised, Beckett got another early box, which in this case only adds to my laundry list of offenses by them and the manufacturers. As if to show the "excitement" over their envigorating and captivating breaks, they posted some preview pics. For the reason of showcasing the differences and showing what I mean, here is what the acutals look like compared to the sell sheet mock ups. I understand this isnt something I normally do, but considering the events of the last week, I dont really care anymore.

As you can tell, the name spot is now horizontal to compliment the sticker. I do like the change, as the curve would have looked very weird with a straight line on the bottom of the label. I liked having the team helmet on the mock up, too bad they couldnt sneak that into the design. I am glad they kept the certified auto language ON the card, as that should signal a fake from a real one.

Its really too bad that all the potential of having on card sigs like the 2009 RPAs was ditched for stickers AGAIN, but it honestly could have been worse. Im sure, in person, these cards will do what they have always done since Chrome's creation, and I cant wait for my three boxes arriving next week via blowout. Im not as elated as I was, but still very excited.


  1. I for one would be extremely ticked off if I had pre-ordered boxes of this stuff. The mock-up on card auto is far superior to the sticker brand and the fact that they changed the design makes me wonder if they ever really intended it to be an on card auto in the set.

    Topps would be on my crap list with this and they really missed capturing the market big time. Of course Chrome sells well, but it could have sold through the roof and I believe it they had been on card we would have been talking RPA values on the autos.....

  2. They couldn't be on-card because the RPA cards are produced on-site at the photo shoot. They can't produce Chrome cards that quickly on-site.

    Doesn't really matter as most autos you pull will be $2-5 cards. That, and the fact that RCs are 1 per 2 packs means retail is the way to go with this stuff. All the extra refractor parallels and lower cost per box will mean a great flip. I have several retail cases coming. Those of you who don't know any better can open all the hobby you want, lol.