Saturday, August 1, 2009

Carrying The Banner - UPDATE

Rob from VOTC has gone into the NSCC show and was asked to leave due to the shirt. Obviously, Beckett's presence at the show was enough to make sure that anyone coming in with any propaganda was not welcome. Granted, the shirt is quite an attention grabber, and I can understand that crashing a party like the national is not something they would like.

Either way, thanks to Rob's quick use of his first amendment rights, he was able to convince the show organizers to let him stay, and was actually able to indoctrinate the head of show security as to why Beckett sucks. Nice.

I think this is pretty funny, and Rob said he has gotten nothing but compliments. Pictures coming. Keep up the good work Rob, haha.

EDIT: First pic of Rob in the shirt, I added his Twitter feed for all updates with lots of pics. Man, I wish I could be there. Work sucks.


  1. "Fuck Beckett", yet you have a banner/link to the most sensitive, hipocritical, straight up douchenozzled card tard community in sportscardforum? hmmmm...

  2. His story is BS anyway- I believe beckett was taking pics of HIM and could care less if he stayed there. He made a fool out of himself.