Friday, July 31, 2009

Carrying the Banner - Rob From VOTC

My friend and yours, Rob from Voice of the Collector, should be walking around the national show this weekend with a very special shirt that was produced especially for the occasion. His idea, posted on his blog, was to produce a custom "Beckett Sucks" t-shirt for him to walk the show floor in, to which I offered to pay for his costs of creating said shirt. After the money was donated and the shirt was delivered, I realized this could be a pretty worthwhile adventure due to his tenacity and hatred for all things douchey. Personally, I wanted him to put "Ask me why!" on the back of it, but then I thought he wouldn’t be able to enjoy his trip with constant bombardment from the thousands of JCs that are at the show.

Either way, if you see Rob and his t-shirt tribute to the hobby's number one source on douchebaggery, go and take a picture with him. Send them to me so I can get a gallery going of our exploits. Obviously this shirt isnt going to be an OMG!! type of thing at the show, but it’s a good inside joke for the people who read the blogs here and at VOTC. Be sure to give him a whistle or two just so he feels pretty, or at least the call of a dying giraffe so he knows you are with him.

As for Rob, he shouldn’t get kicked out of the show, nor cause a ruckus, yet, I wanted him to hang around Panini's booth and Beckett's booth and take some photos himself. I hope he comes through big, it’s a great banner for his site, and I even have a feeling that they will think he is me. Even though I couldn’t be there in person due to work, I will at least get to have some lame fun at the expense of a few people I dislike.

We all have seen Beckett walking around Panini's booth on video, highlighting all the offerings from their butt buddies, how great would it be to get him in one of those? I would laugh pretty hard.

Rob, Here's to your reckless and humorous take on sticking it to the man.


  1. give it up, hayseed. beckett is huge and relevant. your shitty site is not.

    rubes like you keeps them in power, which is so ironic in itself.

    ooh, a t-shirt. that'll scare them.

  2. I am well aware that SCU is read by only a SMALL fractional portion of 1% of the collectors out there. First off. I dont have any delusions of grandeur.

    Also, the t-shirt isnt meant to scare anyone. Its a lame joke for the people at the national who read the site. Thats all.

  3. Beckett Sucks and to all a good National. Be there 9:30am to 5. See you there

  4. PS brad81279 you really need to get a sense of ,no seriously

  5. If Beckett was worth a crap, maybe they'd report on the number of fake auto cards being displayed and pushed on the unsuspecting. They are the experts, right? One of the vendors (a bunch of guys who look straight outta is about 100 feet from the Beckett area.

  6. brad81279 such a shitty site that you came here to see what was up. Even commented... You must be lacking something in the hobby and Gellman fills the void in your pathetic life. Or between rooms as a housekeeper at the Econolodge you get bored.. Keep sticking up for a company that will not be in buisness in 3yrs. It is probably good for guys like you for you need to know the "book value" of tour shitty base cards

  7. MY favorite thing about beckett is they toss all their pulls on ebay, and they have there own cardsgraded by them selves!

  8. Just a note for any SCU readers who will be at the National on Saturday - I'll be there, wearing my Buffalo Bills throwback t-shirt and carrying around a Bills helmet to get autographed by 7 Bills HOFers. I'll be hanging around the autograph pavilion most of the day, but I'll be getting around the whole floor. I was there on Friday but didn't meet anyone. I'd love to meet some bloggers or blog readers (maybe some who used to read my blog) on Saturday!