Sunday, August 2, 2009

NFL First Round Signings Update - Nicks, Wells, Harvin All Sign

Now that pretty much every single NFL team has opened camp, rookie signings are coming by the dozen. Teams are racing to get everyone in under the gun, which has led to a number of key rookies getting their contracts done.

So far, the only big names NOT to sign are two receivers who may have a ton of issues as a result. Crabtree looks destined for a holdout, and despite a lack of any type of contract wiggle room, Maclin is also unsigned. Other receivers have already signed, so the lack of a contract for these two players is ridiculous at the moment. As of today, Harvin, Nicks, Hey-Bey, and the others are signed per and PFT, so why arent these two done?

I think the reason is that Crabtree has established himself as quite a problem child in that respect, even having problems keeping his tears under control. He wants top three pick money, despite the fact that he obviously wasnt picked top three. Personally, I think he needs to stuff his shitty attitude into a bag labeled "Terrell Owens NFL Legacy" and get to camp.

Josh Freeman, another player who seemed headed for a holdout also signed this week, which is great news for the auto I pulled, and for the Bucs. He still has a good chance of playing this year, even though 90% of the time its a horrible idea. Right JaMarcus Russell?

Also among the unsigned are Moreno and Donald Brown, which seems quite unusual considering that the Colts and Broncos usually get their picks done quite quickly. I would say that getting both into camp is of paramount importance, though it doesnt seem like there is much news on either.

When Percy Harvin's signing news came through my sources, I was ecstatic. That meant the Vikings could finally get him into camp without missing more than a few days, and possibly solidify his place in Childress' "Kick Ass" offense. His words, not mine.

I thought Harvin was waiting on some THC to exit his system before peeing in a cup, but I guess the drug test didnt scare him as much as some of us thought it would. Maybe now I can just sit back and wait for september.

Here is a list of the signings so far:

1. Stafford - Lions - Signed
2. Smith - Rams - Signed
3. Jackson - Chiefs - Unsigned
4. Curry - Seahawks - Unsigned
5. Sanchez - Jets - Signed
6. Smith - Bengals - Unsigned
7. Heyward-Bey - Raiders - Signed
8. Monroe - Jaguars - Unsigned
9. Raji - Packers - Unsigned
10. Crabtree - 49ers - Unsigned
11. Maybin - Bills - Unsigned
12. Moreno - Broncos - Unsigned
13. Orakpo - Redskins - Signed
14. Jenkins - Saints - Unsigned
15. Cushing - Texans - Signed
16. English - Chargers - Signed
17. Freeman - Bucs - Signed
18. Ayers - Broncos - Unsigned
19. Maclin - Eagles - Unsigned
20. Pettigrew - Lions - Signed
21. Mack - Browns - Signed
22. Harvin - Vikings - Signed
23. Oher - Ravens - Signed
24. Peria Jerry - Falcons - Signed
25. Davis - Dolphins - Signed
26. Matthews - Packers - Signed
27. Brown - Colts - Unsigned
28. Wood - Bills - Signed
29. Nicks - Giants - Signed
30. Britt - Titans - Signed
31. Wells - Cardinals - Signed
32. Hood - Steelers - Signed

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  1. I'm glad the G-MEN were able to get Nicks signed. However I am disappointed at how much Crabtree is much talent and so foolishly wasted by his actions. Guess he has Jerry Mcguire expectations: SHOW ME THE MONEY!