Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Different Kind Of Matt Ryan Logo is Up On Ebay

For you fans of Ultimate Collection football, there is card up on eBay right now that I believe you will like. This Matt Ryan 1/1 "logo" patch is not quite what people are used to when it comes to the typical NFL 1/1's, but I love the idea none-the-less.

Each year, Ultimate Collection is one of the top valued RC cards because of the cost of its wax. It was the first super high end product, and the ideas of what the product holds have pretty much held the same through the years. In 2007, Ultimate Collection was far and away the worst product of the year. The designers of the product used stickers and photoshop to basically make each card look the same, in order to fill out the new format of one auto per pack. That meant that if you pulled a Sunday Stars auto, it looked exactly like Ultimate Ink, but with a different title on the card.

Ultimate also had a bunch of logo cards over the years, with many of them just being the normal NFL shield in a diecut window. The "logo" cards from 2008 were different, using a special tag from specially designed NFL throwbacks, and I think they look awesome. Its always good to think outside the box, as long as the result isnt too nuts. This Matt Ryan fits that mold, in my opinion.

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  1. Adam,

    They are not specially designed. They are just Mitchell and Ness throwbacks. That is their logo. I had the Steve Slaton 1/1 like that and they are badass.