Saturday, July 18, 2009


For those of you newer readers of SCU, im sure you have seen a recent focus on scams and fakes. Exposing scams are actually nothing new to this site, and its always fun when a past expose comes back around for a second helping of disgust.

Shit, did I say fun? I meant totally fucking idiotic. Unfortunately for us, there is a sucker born every half second in this hobby, and even worse, they have tons of fucking cheese to spend.

A little backgroud:

Last year, a viking head logo Peterson Exquisite surfaced on eBay, with an "authenticity" letter provided by Gregg Kohn of Upper Deck. Seemingly at the same time, an identical patch auto was also posted with the same viking head logo. Gregg, upon my request, confirmed the authenticity of the letter for the first one, and confirmed that the second was fake.

Obviously, people never learn, as there is now a THIRD fake Peterson Viking head logo patch, with this one already up over 1000 dollars. The reason I know its fake is because Gregg was positive that only one Viking logo was known to be in the product, making this one a fraud. Also, the colors and stitching style of the viking head, as well as the material its sewn onto are completely wrong. This would stick out like a Beckett box break to any informed collector, but that doesnt stop the idiots from jumping on it. To think that someone would destroy this amazing card with a fake patch is completely fucking ridiculous in the first place, but it isnt the first and wont be the last. It is the best non 1/1 card of 2007, and now this one is destroyed. Wonderful. Maybe UD will pull it down, doubtful though.

Glad to see that douchebaggery faces us at every turn.

h/t Wheeler and Jason


  1. Fine Sir, as someone new to the hobby I'm not sure getting screwed by a fake is a matter of stupidity, or just ignorance.

    Instead of calling people idiots with too much money, maybe you could put together a lovely little comparison chart of real vs. fake.

    What's the jersey supposed to look like, what about the actual patch? How do we know the auto's legit.

    I collect one player, and don't really pay attention to the set it came from.

    I wouldn't have touched a patch /99 with the head in it, but that's just me. You can clearly tell the difference between those two patches, but the other fake patch looks quite similiar to the real one.

    I don't constantly follow ebay, or various sports card forums -- So really, is there some magical way to tell if someones fake (other than checking the buyers other listings for Super Awesome Patches)

  2. The Auto itself looks likea dead giveaway to me It's sad that it's sad as well as Lazy that whoever ends up with this card didn't take the time to even look up a few of these just to make sure it was real. All they would have to do is take a quick look and for that kind of money I sure and the hell would. Like you said a suckers born every second this isn't just stupid it's lazyness or lack of common sense. To dish out that kind of money out and not even research what your looking at? 1 minute could of saved this buyer! Like I said before if it's ever $20 I'm not buying off ebay period some of them are really good fakes and it's not worth it. Grant

  3. Just educate yourself as much as you can on the diffferent forums. Have a question about a patch post and you will get a reply.Also Learn about exquisite and SP for they do put logos in higher number cards if that is your flavor.
    You can email me anytime at if you have any questions about a patch.


    BTW I also feel that if you plan on dropping 1+k on a card and are new to the hobby for this has been covered since 08 and you get stuck with it. That person is an idiot

  4. I say the card minus the patch is real, but the patch is fake 100%.

  5. Gellman is right. The only thing fake about 43/99 is the patch. The auto is legit. It's not always so obvious, especially if you don't spend a lot of time looking at these. However I do suggest you take the time to study the auto of players you collect, as well as the patches that are common to the product. If you plan on picking up a card like this, you need to do your homework in advance.

  6. I still don't understand how they fake the rookie premieres. Are the base cards simply without an autograph?

    Thankfully, I'm not a huge Game Used Patches R The Best -type collector.