Friday, July 17, 2009

Please Start Filing 2008 Rookie Premieres Under The Possible Scam Umbrella

Ever since the obviously fake 2007 rookie premiere autos have surfaced like a spreading disease, I wondered how long it would take before the other years started their infections. Unfortunately, 2008's RPAs have entered that status much earlier than I expected.

The issue with some of the 2008 ones that I have seen is that some of them are questionable, but given up by some of the other cards the seller has for sale. Take this guy for example, as his 2008 rookie premieres look off, but not awful. Then look at the other cards, especially this Cutler and Winfield, and everything comes into focus.

Guys, this type of thing has been a problem from the inception of the rookie premiere autos, but never like this. Hopefully Topps will do something about it.

h/t Voluntarheel

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  1. WOW, finally I've been saying this for years. Especially with the 2008 set. I've seen more fakes than authentics. It doesn't help that Topps didn't put holograms on the back (not that these can't be faked) but it was almost like they were inviting counterfeits...