Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Updates On Classics

First off, I cant stand that Donini decided to use college number signature stickers for a few of the players. So far, Percy Harvin (pictured below) and Chris Wells have their college number signed on those stickers, but im sure there are more players with the similar bush league treatment of their first pro uni autographs. If Crabtree can have stickers with his pro number signed, albeit poorly, there was no reason that this error couldn't have been fixed before release. I thought the purpose of getting stickers was to avoid shit like this. Fucking losers over there in Donini QC.

Secondly, why is there no name on the front of the cut autos? Dont you think that is a vital piece of the puzzle? Seriously, you have already edited out the picture of the person who's cut the card belongs to, but why not include a fucking name?!? Stupid motherfuckers.

I already have major problems with the fugly school colors sig cards, due to the silver paint pens, but adding this to the list is idiotic. Stupid errors that should have never been included. Yeah, no redemptions maybe, but a product full of crap like this wont fly with me.

If we get to Absolute and the same shit is happening, Im not even going to waste my time anymore. Donini has continually asserted themselves as fucking amateurs, these are great examples.


  1. To be fair, most of these stickers were probably signed before the players were assigned NFL uni numbers in order to get them back in time to avoid redemptions.

  2. Jake said it best on Twitter, dont sign the number then...

  3. This is why I think I am gonna just pass on this set - well this and the retarded brown background on the pics.

  4. I may buy a few singles, but only for TTM purposes or ones that look cool.

  5. I'll probably try a box cause I am just that bored. No other reason. Oh, and the shop is out of SPA. That has a lot to do with it.