Monday, June 15, 2009

First Look: 2009 Bowman Sterling Football

Well, Voluntarheel is going to be very happy with this preview. Personally, I think Bowman Sterling is a ridiculously priced Topps High End set, though people think it is still worth their time to break. This year, it looks like they ditched the horizontal, helmet off, foil sticker cards and made them vertical, helmet on, foil sticker cards.

The cards may look better this year, but the price will still be fucking astronomical for what you get. Basically, it breaks the golden rule of Topps products, so just buy the good looking singles.

The update to the design does look BETTER, ill give them that. However, it does remind me of those ruler designs you do in highschool during boring classes. The bottom looks like spirograph. Not much else to say for me.

h/t FCB


  1. Why do people buy ugly cards? I mean, 80% of the card is design, and it's an ugly design at that. Plus, there's only a tiny picture of the player. Good grief. I'd much rather have a nice looking card that's practically worthless than something as ugly as this that has some sort of perceived value.

  2. Nice! Vertical is cool. Something different. Still not big on the base Duals. I loved the Duals with the patches from last year, hence the completed set.

    Couple things though; Why just the last name? With all the scrubs included in the set, it's annoying having to look at the back of the card to find out who it is. I think the script would look good with the full name.

    And also, why does K.C. continue to get screwed over when Montana gets a card? Always with the 49'ers. Sheesh. Someone had to teach Grbac.

    I only buy around 8 packs of the stuff throughout the year. All of them from a new case from my LCS trying to hit the big one. I stick to picking up the singles on the bay or boards. Much more efficient considering the horrible collation issues they had last year.

  3. James - to each his own man. I for one think that the Sterling gold parallels are visually appealing. Not big on the base set or anything, but for some reason I like the golds.

    I agree though with a lot of the critiques though. I think players in helmets are always better than without. I think the price point is high. I also think that it would look a ton better with on-card autos. But I still think they are fun to collect.

    Here is the complete set of 08 Sterling Gold Patches I put together HERE