Monday, June 15, 2009

First Look: 2009 Donruss Certified Football

Ok, big preview day today thanks to the boys over at Freedom Card Board. Either way, looks like Donini decided the only change to the LCM set from last year would be a name change. Im not kidding, the rest of the cards (minus FOTG) looks exactly the same as last year. This is such a fucking cop out from the way the previews look, that I am surprised they can even submit these mock ups without leaving them on someone's doorstep and running away to hide. The stamps havent changed, the frosh fabrics havent changed, and the whole set looks AS ridiculous as it did last year. Fuck them. Seriously. They have to think we are fucking mental to buy into their laziness and lack of work ethic.

On the other hand, this specific Fabric of the Game card looks fucking great. AS IT SHOULD. These cards are the flagship collector set of every Donini card year, and I think there may be a mutiny if the preview for FOTG sucked as much as the rest of the preview. I do see a problem for the rest of this set fitting in for the lower parallels with single swatches, as this particular card will probably be the one /5. I hope they dont fuck the rest of it up. Im not holding my breath.

I loved 2007 LCM, I fucking detested 2008 LCM, and now 2009 looks like someone just changed the gradients on the foilboard and said they were done. Message to Donini: Hire some fucking professionals rather than letting the idiots who produced the early 2009 sets continue.

I cant fucking believe I have to make these posts. They shouldnt be necessary.


  1. I'm wondering if something happened in the company hand-off at this point. Either the designers jumped ship or they have no idea where to start or... They just don't care about football. Perhaps Panini is forcing the Donruss folk to focus on the basketball?

    On my end, they really screwed the pooch with Americana by losing signers and rehashing last years design/ideas. Not that I buy that stuff anyway (I have an aversion to sticker autos in the non-sports industry).

  2. It's like they took last years design and put them into Microsoft's Movieshaker and this was what came out.

  3. It's probably real hit and miss. Didn't Donruss purge a lot of talent at the company the last few years?