Monday, June 15, 2009

Twitter Bloggers

Man, Twitter has picked up some steam on the blogs. If you have a twitter page and a blog, list it here so people can follow us in as many ways as possible, right?

Here is mine:
Here is Mario's:
Here is VOTC's:
Here is Paul's Random Stuff:
Here is Dinged Corners:
Here is Matt Lange's:
Here is Sports Locker's:

Also, Im putting a bet that it takes Chris Olds 5 seconds to read this, facebite the story, and create a Beckett twitter for their blog. Thats about standard time for his blog story thefts, im thinking.

If you want to be added to the above list, or if I missed you, let me know.


  1. can i list my photography?

    Matt Lange


    Beckett's had a twitter acct for a while I think.

  3. I just created a Twitter account for my blog:

    I created an entry linking to it, and I've already added everyone posted in this entry... may as well keep fighting the good fight to keep card collecting alive!

  4. has been on twitter for months.
    welcome aboard