Friday, May 1, 2009

Team Randomization Assingments

Alright guys, I am going to list the 3 options for time stamps. Comment away at your choice, if you are the first one to comment and are participating in the break you determine which assignment we have. I have to run to the store so I won't be able to approve comments and post up the screen shot along with uploaded video until later tonight. I know the anticipation stinks. Once the team assignments are up you are free to trade until Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. I will be doing the break late that night and will be posting it up so it is available on Wednesday morning. Best of luck. Here are the options:

(1) 2009-05-02 01:54:33 UTC

(2) 2009-05-02 01:55:06 UTC

(3) 2009-05-02 01:55:16 UTC

Choose away. Slot #3 was chosen. After I upload the video I will drop it at the end of this post. Here is the screen shot:

Thomas- Chiefs, Seahawks
Wheeler- Jets, Packers
Bobby- Bears, Browns (-Joe Thomas Single Cards). Panthers
Scubasteve- Steelers, Redskins, Buccaneers, Giants
bearizona- Texans, Any Jay Cutler Cards
Bdavid- Colts
cardman312- 49ers
iamjoecollector- Saints, Titans
HoustonCardCollector- Falcons
psad21- Bills, Raiders
matts- Panthers, Bears (+Joe Thomas Single Cards)
groat- Giants, Chargers, Redskins, Ravens
arfmax- Vikings, Eagles
fatcat4262- Lions
darkship- Cowboys, Broncos (-Jay Cutler Cards), Texans
whitesoxcat- Dolphins, Cardinals
sonic- Patriots, Ravens, Chargers
voluntarheel- Jaguars, Rams
Holy Hitter- Bengals


  1. I'll choose door number 3....Post it "Hitter" !;)

  2. lol since no one has done it yet i guess ill go with number 2

  3. Well since I am not sure who the "anonymous" was I have to go with Voluntarheel who had the same number anyway.

    The choice is #3 (way to think outside the box voluntarheel)!!!

    kidding of course.

  4. Scubasteve, your Redskins for my Giants?

  5. Here is my strategy with the Jags and Rams. If anyone wants either, we can definitely deal as I have no fondness for either.

    But I don't mind keeping them and hope to get NOTHING! That way I can get the hit from the SP Authentic box. See what I did there? It's called false hope people. Catch the fever!

  6. Darkship, Bearizona here, would you be intrested in a trade of my Texans for your Broncons?

  7. Falcons in 07? Mm...anyone want?

  8. Colts Yeah! They Re FT/FS

  9. Thomas,

    Rams and Jags for Chiefs?

  10. If you were a true blogger you would post all comments.

  11. matts interested in trading me the Panthers?

  12. Wheeler-

    Our resident Packer fan (whitesoxcat) is hoping that you will be willing to part with the Packers for the Dolphins and Cardinals.

    Everyone else- I know you are all dying for your chance at the Bengals and the ample opportunity to get an SPA pack so they are on the block.....for anyone.

  13. Ill give you $4 for the bengals ;)

  14. I'm interested in trading the Cards, Chargers, or Broncos for my Ravens?

  15. Are we still uploading the video

  16. Scubasteve-Eagles for Redskins or Giants?


  17. matt and I are trading the Panthers for the Bears + Joe Thomas single cards (duals with him stay with me)

  18. Anonymous (or should I say been9jamin9)-

    I think you are confusing "bloggin" with youtube. My youtube account is for more than just this blog and your comments did not add anything to the dialogue of the video.

    Oh and just for you I am going to go on a "nail clipping strike." I am not going to clip them until they are 3 inches long and curling in. (kidding of course)

  19. Man, I just watched the video. My spots were in a no win situation for this random. Now I feel better.

    Go SPA!

  20. bearizona and darkship have agreed to a trade.

    bearizona gets the rights to any Jay Culter Cards....darkship gets the rights to the Texans.

    For the purpose of the SPA packs if no Jay Cutler Cards are pulled and the Texans get no "hits" either, I will be sending the pack of SPA to Shane.

  21. Sonic - If you'd like, I'll trade you the chargers for Ravens. Don't settle though, if they're not your first choice feel free to wait for other offers.

  22. Groat, that would be great. Thanks man.

  23. Groat-Eagles for Redskins?


  24. Arfmax-

    Groat is a Redskins fan so I don't think he will take that deal.

  25. HH-I gotta ask!

    Anyway, Eagles are up for trade