Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mauer Is Back, Twins Watchable Again

Yes, Mauer is back, no pun intended, after spending exactly 1 month on the shelf. I cant tell you how happy I am, as finally the Twins are actually watchable again. I love Justin Morneau, dont get me wrong, but for some reason, watching one without the other just doesnt seem right. 

Actually Mauer couldnt have come back at a better time, as the Twins are in the midst of a division series against the near first place Royals. Whoa, hold on, pick your jaw up off the floor, yes the Royals dont suck anymore - yet. 

You know what the great thing is? First at bat: GONE. Yeah, he takes a pitch the other way into the seats, making me feel okay in his returning clout. Mauer goes away with the pitches more than any hitter I have watched on a regular basis, enough to actually give the teams nightmares in their outfield shading. To see him back to business the first time he steps up to the plate makes me a little warm and fuzzy inside.

As of now, Mauer has had 6 hits in his first 8 ABs, and thats gotta make your week. I am hoping this continues.


  1. Luckily, it takes more than one player to beat the Royals this year. Otherwise the Twins might have swept (if they had a bullpen).

  2. The royals! wow very cool.

  3. wish i had remembered to activate him off the DL in my fantasy league :{