Thursday, April 2, 2009

We Are Almost A Month Into Exquisite Now, Still No Tiger

The buzz in the hobby right now is all Tiger Woods, due to the presence of his cards in both Champs hockey, Ultimate Collection, and Exquisite Collection. The last in that list would be considered to be the craziest card to hit the market in years. The problem is that not one of the five cards have made it onto the secondary market. We havent even gotten a whiff of one.

I know that Gregg had promised that 5 of these made it into circulation, and that not as much Exquisite has been opened this year as last, but the odds thus far that no one even knows a person who has one is a little off the charts. More than 50% of the logos have been pulled, including the Ryan that was sold for $6250 off eBay, the Ryan/Flacco dual logo, and at least one of the Tigers from a more mass produced product like Champs Hockey have been pulled as well. Its currently at $3200 on TWGM.

I would put this card at close to $10K if pulled and listed due to the brand, the product, the memorabilia, and the possible inscription. I am eagerly waiting, hoping that one will surface.

Man, this is nuts!

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  1. That pull is completly insane! if I pulled that card I'm man enough to say I'd piss myself then have a heart attack and if I was revived I'd get up and scream( where in FCK is the card where is it) No I dont want anymore Morphine( well maybe a little) I'm outta here where's the card! Everything about that card is Awsome YEP I said AWSOME BEYOND radical. Grant