Thursday, April 2, 2009

Holy Crap: Cutler to Chi-town

Well, the Bears win the Cutler sweepstakes, and it will either make their franchise a contender for years to come, or cripple them completely, there is no in between here. They paid a HUGE-MUNGOUS price for him, giving up two first rounders AND Kyle Orton, which to me is pretty much mortgaging the future on a fourth year QB. Usually these things never take a middle of the road results sheet with them to the annals of history. I think its the right thing to do if you are in desperate need of a QB, but the Bears really werent. Thats why I would have passed.

Cutler looks to be great, he has had some good years in denver, but has shown a weird attitude in addition to the talent. This was only the latest in a long string of weird situations surrounding him. Remember the whole confrontation with Rivers? How weird is that for NFL QBs? It usually only happens with WRs and CBs telling each other that they cant cover one another.

Either way, it makes the Bears that much more of a possible threat, and makes that defense much more scary with an Offense that can score. If they have a good rest of the draft, it could be devastating to the NFC North.

Only time will tell.


  1. They gave up too much for this up and coming head case.

  2. I like the trade. They're doing something. Finally. Like you said, win big or lose big. The interesting story now is Tampa. They really wanted Cutler, OR were going to take Josh Freeman @pick 19. Now, they don't have Cutler, and Denver picks @18... will they take Freeman as their guy and leave Tampa out in the cold?

  3. I'm pumped! I love Orton but he wasn't going to get us anywhere. Our defense is on the decline and we need a guy who can put points on the board. Look what Jay did with Denvers suckass defense. Cutler is our chance at a franchise QB. I love this deal!

  4. Denver already had #12 so they would probably take Freeman there to insure Tampa not jumping in front of them.

    I imagine if Sanchez or Stafford drop to #12 Denver will take that QB. It will be interesting to find out what happens

  5. By the way as a Vikings fan I hate this trade and it solidifies my absolute hatred for Brad Childress.

    Not only do we go with Sage instead of Cutler but now we also have to play Cutler twice a year and our biggest division competition going into 2009 just got dramatically better.

    Thanks will be judged by how your team fares against Chicago in the standings. If Chicago mops the floor with us you deserve to get canned instantly after the season concludes (if not before)

  6. Chicago gave up WAY too much for Cutler. I mean the guy was openly on the market which immediately lowers his value.

    I can understand giving up a 1st rounder, but 2 first round picks, a 3rd round pick, and your starting qb (I know Orton shouldn't be considered a starter, but still). That's just crazy.

    Especially when you consider that NE only had to give up a 4th rounder for Randy Moss two years back.

    No doubt Chicago has had their qb woes for the last 2 decades, but I can't really recall any great WRs during that time either...Willie Gault? Curtis Conway?

    This will be a great improvement for the Bears for the present, but let's see what happens to them in future when the age of that killer defense catches up with them.

  7. Unless you are a Bears fan, you can't understand how desperate we were for a QB. We could have kept Orton and won 6 to 9 games for the remainder of his career, but we would have NEVER been a contender.

    This move immediately adds legitimacy to the passing game, which in turn will boost the running game (Orlando Pace should help as well). Hester becomes more of a threat, and I'll predict right now that Earl Bennett is going to have a breakout year. But more importantly perhaps, it helps the defense. Part of the reason the defense has suffered lately was because the offense was so piss poor. You can only go 3 and out so many times before your defense breaks down.

    I think this was a great move, and I can't believe Angelo had the balls to make it. Perhaps he realized what Bears fan have known for a long time - 1st round picks in Chicago are worthless (Curtis Penis, Rashan Salaam, Cedrick Benson, Cade McNown, David Terrell, Rex Grossman, you get the picture).

    Just keeping Cutler away from Minnesota was a great move. If the Vikings got him they would have become an instant Super Bowl contender (see winner) who would would add 2-3 losses to the Bears' schedule for the next several years.

    It's a great day to be a Bears fan!

  8. I was hoping the Lions would get Cutler, but that was too much to give up. I think this trade cements the Lions into taking Stafford with the #1 pick. If they don't take Stafford at #1, someone else will take him in the top 5 and Denver will take Sanchez at #12 leaving the Lions with Culpepper and a bunch of losers.

    I wonder if the Broncos would deal their two firsts for the #1 overall?

  9. As a (winces) Detroit Lions fan, I am glad the new regime didn't unload draft picks to get Cutler. The Lions needs are deep and many.

  10. Chicago has instantly become the favorite for the division and one of the favorites for the NFC. Price was just fine.
    ONly people complaining it was too much are the ones that needed him in the division and didn't land him.
    Great Job Chicago!


  11. Some of you guys have to be the biggest homers in the world if you think this trade was a good one for Chicago.

    This will absolutely decimate them for years. I expect them to finish dead last in the North now in 2009. This is the Falcons trade for Jeff George all over again.

    They have Cutler, so what? Who is he going to throw to? Hester is his only option, that it. So I guess Hester better become a #1 receiver yesterday. You also better hope their genius first round pick of a Offensive Tackle who needed immediate neck surgery becomes something better than a monster fuck up. Because they have no options to draft a top Tackle for two years. Their defense is aging worse than Madonna, and their best free agent signing this year was Josh Bullocks. Bullocks blew more coverage last year than a blind quadriplegic. Next years free agency will be crap with no contract and the Bears will be up Shit Creek.

    This trade helped every other team in the NFC more than the Bears.

    I bet my life that these desperate assholes are calling Plaxico as we speak.


  12. Not a homer here Steeler season ticket holder. However you think they will be dead last next year is laughable and ignorant. I am not a desperate but can be an Asshole but am not calling for Burress.
    So justin, master of shitheadness, who is your favorite team?


  13. Justin -

    You're an idiot. I repeat, you=idiot. "Who does Cutler have to throw to?" The same guys Orton had to throw to, which led to a 9-7 record for the Bears last year. Cutler is five times better than Orton and likes to pass to his TE. Greg Olson is a good TE and I see he and Cutler hooking up for many a score. Hester is also a legitimate threat and Desmond Clark is still a reliable receiver. If the Bears happen to pick up a decent receiver this season, a la Tory Holt, I see them rolling next year.