Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tiger Effect

Now that we have confirmed auctions of the Tiger Woods exquisite patch auto, many of our questions have been answered. Im actually very glad that this card has finally surfaced, as without it, UD has been in a pretty precarious situtation with the people who already had a hard on for the agony of the people over in Carlsbad.

Because we see that the card is not a 1/1 and is numbered 1/3, we can assume that all those handfuls of people who did their search for Tiger at the beginning of the release will maybe go case diving again. The reason I say this is because this card is the first card in the last few years that people have truly searched for. Usually a card is pulled within the first few weeks, everyone ooo's and aaaaah's, and that is that. With the Tiger, people (including myself) have gone so far as quiestioning the existence of the card. Gregg had confirmed that there were five, but many on the boards did not take that for granted.

Also, this may be one of the first Exquisite cards in a long time to break the 10K barrier. I have said for a long time that 10K is the modern ceiling with few exceptions, but this may come close to breaking that, maybe due to the length of time between release and pull. That is good for everyone, believe it or not, consider it a hobby stimulus package. Give some credibility back to the manufacturers, maybe get more people buying. Granted, this is a small blip on the radar, especially with the seller putting it so high, but it is something...

Lastly, on the question of Exquisite's box price going down in actual value because of 1 less Tiger, I disagree. I say the box price stays put, as people will want to try their luck again. Either way, Im sure this will bring a whirlwind of coverage. Chris Olds of Cosmo Beckett Seventeen and his ridiculous hats will maybe even stop covering solutions to teen erections in class to pester the seller until he lets Beckett sell his card. Watch, this is only the beginning.


  1. So if Gregg confirmed there are 5 and this one is numbered /3 are there gonna be 2 different 1/1s you think?

  2. I am currently saying a silent prayer that he pulls it and gets it slabbed. Please oh please.

  3. Ain't no way in hell that card will sell for a million. That auction is a joke.

  4. Of course he's not going to get a million for it, don't be ridiculous. It's an auction ploy.