Friday, May 1, 2009

Ha-Ha: Selvin Young Cut

If you remember back to the beginning of last year, I wrote a post about the ridiculous prices that people were paying for a Selvin Young SPA RC auto. I mean, the cards were going for close to 150 bucks.

As of yesterday, the Denver Broncos have decided to move in another direction and waive Young after drafting or signing quite a bit of new talent, most notably Knowshon Moreno.

Young will find another job without a problem, but this is where the Peterson effect makes people look like complete fools. Yes, Terell Davis was a 250th round pick, and yes he had an amazing career in Denver, but Selvin Young is not Terell Davis, idiot. See, people will just throw money at any player, in baseball too, that gets a start. Score a TD, and its time to pay out your wallet's limit for an SPA auto.

This example is why my new mantra is "dont be that guy," plain and simple. Otherwise you may end up with a card you paid 150 bucks for that is worth nothing based on a dumb prospecting move that made no sense.


  1. Agree. If you can't get the card of a new player for a reasonable price, don't risk it. Reminds me of how everyone went crazy for one of the two Ryan Grant rookies once he started to have success at Green Bay two years ago. People were dropping $200-$300 for his rookies on Ebay. Then he follows it up with a mediocre year. Sheer craziness.

    Beelzebub69 -

  2. Is the Peterson effect the same as the Roethlisberger effect.