Thursday, April 30, 2009

OFFICIAL: First Tiger Woods Exquisite Pulled!

Now up on eBay for a cool million.

More later!

H/T Mario


  1. What a's not like Tiger Woods autographs or memorabilia are scarce!

    By the time he dies in another 40-50 years, he will have signed thousands of items and there will be hundreds of memorabilia pieces of his available.

    Just another example of overhyped artificial scarcity...

  2. I think from this point in the hobby, it will be less about how much has been signed, and more about the piece itself. In this case, it is the first card of the most expensive mainsteam product ever, with a humungous following for a top level player. Yes there is artificial scarcity, but even if this card was numbered to 50 it would still be worth thousands.

  3. Your wife should buy a pack and try to pull a job.