Saturday, April 18, 2009

SCU Breaks: 2007 National Treasures Case Break2 Box Break

****We will be going ahead with just 2 boxes of National Treasures. I will post up the randomization tomorrow night and am waiting to find out about when the boxes would arrive....break will be either Friday evening or Monday evening. I will keep you all up to date****

Well we are going to give one more go round on a case break. This time however we are going to do something new. Instead of doing a random team break we are going to try a random "hit" slot break. There are 36 "Hits" (at least 18 autos) total in the 6 box case. Here is how it will go down. 1 slot = 1 hit (Material Card or Auto). Once the break is full, I will input everyone's name in on and videotape it being randomed 3 times. The number that is next to each name is the order of the cards coming out. For instance if I end up with slot 1 then the first "hit" card pulled from the box would go to me, and so on and so forth. Here are all the details.

(1) 1 Case of 2007 National Treasures (6 boxes = 36 "Hits")
(2) 1 Slot = 1 Hit
(3) 1 Slot = $42, 2 Slots = $80
(4) Slots are reserved after payment is received
(5) Payments can be sent via paypal to:
(6) Slots #'s will be randomly assigned via video as explained above
(7) People can trade slot numbers if they so choose (we all know that in most collation issues slot #6 in a box is usually a rookie material auto and so if someone wanted to trade 2 slots with someone who has one of those slots they could).
(8) Break will be videotaped and posted here and youtube w/scans of highlights also posted here.

I am going to give this until the 24th to fill up if it doesn't then money will be refunded and we will officially end the attempts at case breaks and just stick to boxes and the box break club.

1. Holy Hitter (paid)
2. Holy Hitter (paid)
3. voluntarheel (paid)
4. voluntarheel (paid)
5. rcarr (paid)
6. cardman312 (paid)
7. wheeler
8. wheeler
9. bobby (paid)
10. bobby (paid)
11. whitesoxcat (paid)
12. whitesoxcat (paid)


  1. I'd be all about this if it were teams. I've never understood the point of "slots". I'd either go out and spend the $42 on (pretty nice) singles and not risk getting a $42 Antonio Gates jersey card, or, I'd just pony up for a box and bust it myself.

    Team slots, however, is a badass way to do things. I need to find out where to get into a team slot-based break.

  2. Thomas. Usually we do breaks by team slots, but the last attempts at case breaks have fallen short (way short) and so in order to try and get that we have opted to attempt it with guarantee slots.

    Check back and I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity to get in on a team break on this site (other possibility if you want a team break of 07 NT, check out "arplatinum" on youtube).

  3. Wow, the breaker has slots in his own break. Can you say SHADY????

    You are a scammer, dude. Word is hitting all the boards.

  4. Hitter is legit, there are quite a few people who will attest to that.

    I also did some searching on the big boards, no mention of anything. Nice try.

  5. If someone has a problem with it, I will gladly bow out of the break.

    I do it for fun and like the opportunity of participating in a community.

    Sincerely the Resident Scammer-

    Holy Hitter

  6. Ill take 2 slots. Will send payment tonight.

  7. What boards cause I am on them all! You sire Mr Anonymous are full of crap.. Thanks Melbourne for trying you P O S. Quit hiding. Anyways hitter I will take 2 please. Thanks
    Anybody got any balls can pm me through the boards. Other then that the poster is obvious a fraud!


  8. If for some reason we don't fill up, maybe we can try to do a hit break with those already involved. Even if it's not a case of 07 NT, maybe a few boxes.

  9. Cardman has a good point. Have we opened this up on youtube?

  10. 2 boxes is infinitely better than no boxes, sounds good to me

  11. So when do you think we'll be randomizing for this 2 box break?

  12. I have to double check with wheeler, rcarr, and whitesoxcat that it is okay. I also would need payments by voluntarheel and wheeler. Once all that is done (hopefully Monday or Tuesday) I would do the randomize that and post it up. My hope is that we can do this break on Friday.

  13. 2 boxes sound good to me!