Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Value vs Actual Smart People: Take 1,000,000

Recently, there was an SPA auto RC card that was posted on eBay and sold for a ton. It is special because the card had not been posted before, and may have been a ridiculous short print due to a number of reasons. Not surprisingly, the card went for multiple times what Beckett said it was worth, and the argument was born:

How could Beckett price a card that had never been sold before?

Many people posted that Beckett does it all the time, and that they really have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to anything resembling true value. After a few people actually came out and legitimately questioned that book value could actually be a number drawn out of a hat, I jumped in and questioned the people who still went by book value. You know, just because I wanted to have some fun. Little did I know that I would get the most ignorant answer since my go around with Mr. Mojo Hand (yes, he has a blog now, and it is glorious) over at the Nennth Inning.

"[On rebuffing my challenge that book value sucks] Do you have something better ? Please do not say Tuff Stuff! 

Until there is a more proven source and/or method Beckett will remain a force in pricing and the hobby.

However I will agree Beckett is somewhat in the dark on real value as compared to Book Value. I use Beckett pricing for trading and a starting point in regards to selling."


Dont let any of that sink in at all - blood may shoot out your ears. After this, I think I may be done with the users at Freedom Card Board. All those people prove on a regular basis, is that there is a reason Beckett continues to have  a reader base:

Collectors are intrinsically stupid.


  1. What was the card?

  2. After reading that post, I knew there would be a SCU thing on it eventually. As for FCB, I enjoy the boards and the people that go there. However, I find that making a trade is nearly impossible. Either people would gladly trade for some PC stuff (in which case both parties rarely have PC stuff to trade) or the people go off Beckett value and are generally difficult to deal with.

  3. For those of us that would like to get some background, any possibility of a link to the origional thread or ebay listing?

  4. SCF is similar in many ways, unfortunately.

  5. It's kind of sad to see someone still base things off of beckett value. I use to be able to trade based upon the formula of 1 barry bonds card for a roger clemens card. A Mark McGwire card for a JD Drew and a Frank Thomas. A lot of the trades was based of off star power and not so much beckett's fake prices. AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD SOMEONE REMOVE TRACY FROM THE BOX BUSTERS AND BECKETT!

  6. Check this out, yesterday I made an offer on a Justin Morneau auto on eBay, seller was doing a Buy Now/OBO thing. I bid $10 lower than their Buy Now price and his/her response to me was the card's "book value" was $100 and they counter-offered me higher. I wanted to go into a rant about "book value" but I decided to move on and find it somewhere else, plus this seller would not have understood a thing I was saying.