Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monthly Box Break Club: May Flowers (FULL)

Alright folks, I know that it seems like we are dwelling in 2007 Product because of my fascination with it having the best Viking rookie of all-time. While that fact is true (it containing the best Viking rookie player of all-time), the real reason that we continue to have 07 products is because it right now has the best prices in order for us to maximize the possibilities of people getting nice cards. 2008 is still at a high price and probably could remain there because of Flacco and Ryan. Well to make a long story short we are back with some 07 product, but as usual a product that also has autos/material cards of past star players in order to at least get some nice cards outside the now shrinking 07 Rookie Class.

We will continue the **Bonus** part of the break in order for everyone to get something out of the break. Here are the details of the product for this month.

(3) boxes of 2007 Upper Deck Premier Football (each box/pack containing 3 material and 3 autos).

***ADDED BONUS: Those teams owned that do not get a hit will get (1) pack of 2008 SP Authentic Football. I will do the same thing as last month in terms of assigning those packs and opening any unclaimed packs and passing along any hits to break teams as usual***

###- As a new feature I am trying something new for the randomization. On the night I am to do the randomization I will do the video tape but also take a screenshot of each of the three results. Then before posting the results of the video, I will post the time stamps for each step of the randomization and the first person from the break to post will choose which step of the random progression they want and that will be the assignments. Even though I know this has never been an issue I believe this is the best scenario for making something as transparent and trustworthy as possible -###

(1) (3) Boxes of 2007 Upper Deck Premier (w/added bonus of 08 SPA packs distributed as described above)
(2) $15 per slot
(3) Slot = 1 random team (assigned via video of
(4) Payments sent to: (via paypal)---**Make sure to include address and handle/screenname**
(5) Until May 1st only those people listed below should send payment. On May 1st (or before if someone says they are passing) slots can be paid for on a first come, first served basis.
(6) Once break is completely full, teams will be assigned and can be traded the next two days between participants.
(7) Break as usual will be videotaped and posted on here and youtube (and as usual everything is done on camera from opening boxes to pack to showing cards)

1. thomas (paid)
2. wheeler (paid)
3. bobby (paid)
4. scubasteve (paid)
5. bearizona (paid)
6. bdavid (paid)
7. cardman312 (paid)
8. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
9. I Am Joe Collector (paid)
10. scubasteve (paid)
11. houstoncardcollector (paid)
12. Psad21 (paid)
13. Psad21 (paid)
14. matts (paid)
15. bobby (paid)
16. Groat (paid)
17. Groat (paid)
18. scubasteve (paid)
19. arfmax (paid)
20. arfmax (paid)
21. thomas (paid)
22. fatcat4262 (paid)
23. darkship (paid)
24. darkship (paid)
25. whitesoxcat (paid)
26. whitesoxcat (paid)
27. sonic (paid)
28. sonic (paid)
29. voluntarheel (paid)
30. voluntarheel (paid)
31. Holy Hitter (paid)
32. wheeler (paid)


  1. Wow, full already. That sucks.

    Anyone know of somewhere else where they do this by teams? I want to give this another shot.

  2. Thomas-

    Each month we have the club continue. Those who participate the month before have 1st dibs to keep their spot. Usually there are 1 or 2 who drop out and those slots become available so that doesn't mean that you can't participate.

    In fact I am willing to give up one of my spots if you want in. If you send payment for 1 slot I will pass it over to you.

    Also: iamjocollector (or stusigpi) is running a 2007 Sweet Spot break by team for 10 boxes/tins if you would like to get in on that.

  3. I'm out this month, so Thomas can have my slots.

  4. The best Viking player of all time? Are you out of your fucking mind? Ever heard of Alan Page? Ever heard of Carl Eller? Ever heard of Chuck Foreman? Ever heard of Fran Tarkenton? Give your little man crush AD another 10 years before anointing him the Greatest Of All Time. Jesus, you young guys, you think the NFL was invented in 1998 or something.

  5. Hey Bud, ever heard of reading carefully? I said best Viking **rookie** of all time. Now the only argument I would accept to challenge that is Randy Moss who probably would win that argument, but in this instance I am talking in "collecting" terms.

    Do I think AP is the greatest Viking of all-time? No. (He could be but I am not idiotic enough to think he already is).

    My personal preference would be Carl Eller, but Page and Tarkenton would obviously be in the conversation also. Foreman was a great player, but I can't consider him on of the best of all time for the Vikings since Robert Smith passed him up in total career yardage.

  6. Ill take the last 2 slots. numbs 3 and 15 looks like.

  7. Bobby-

    For the monthly club spots are given out once payment is received (for new people) so if you would like them please send payment.



  8. Hitter,
    Actually, I can read. You said "best Viking rookie/player of all-time." The "slash/player" indicates you think he's the best rookie and best player. Take some basic grade school grammar lessons, thank me later.

  9. "Bud Grant said...
    Actually, I can read. You said "best Viking rookie/player of all-time." The "slash/player" indicates you think he's the best rookie and best player. Take some basic grade school grammar lessons, thank me later."

    Lighten up dude.

  10. Bud that was actually a typo by me. The "/" was not meant to be in there. Sorry if that created confusion, but I also think that reading the opening paragraph it would be assumed that the description would hold throughout the whole article.

    I will now edit the article to take out the slash. (And to note the "/" could mean "and" but it also could mean "or") If you want to get all basic grade school grammar on me.

  11. I am not bothered by Bud at all. I enjoy the banter.

    I just wish that the person would use the handle "Brad Childress" instead since he seems more likely to be the coach that would get technical with grammar (of course he probably wouldn't be arguing against AP as the best Viking of all-time since it would be a credit to his regime).

  12. Hitter,
    The loss of proper grammar is the first step toward total anarchy. We must remain steadfast against the tyranny of the dangling participle. I salute you, Sir.

    P.S. My real name is Les Steckel. But if I used it in this blog, nobody would pay any attention to me

  13. Bud/Les/Crazy Funny Guy-

    Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Wheeler and/or Scubasteve if you wouldn't mind giving up one of your 3 slots it would be greatly appreciated. I gave up my two slots to some new people wanting in and will be looking to re-enter plus there is another person interested in getting in I believe.


  15. With this type of demand, maybe it should be every three weeks or biweekly.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get in on this, HH. I really hope someone else lets you have a slot back. I'm looking at that Sweet Spot break as well. This is really exciting.

  16. I think it is nice to just have it once a month on here. 1st it keeps a pretty good regular community of participants. 2nd it is alot easier on me not having to spend all the time breaking/uploading/packaging/mailing (stuff that I like to do but in small amounts). 3rd I think it would detract from the overall blog mission which is to be a place for Gellman to rant and rave about cards. Something I enjoy immensely even though I disagree with his assessments at times.

  17. Not sure I like/understand the randomization piece to this months break. The first person to view/post gets to pick which gives them the best team? Or can they not see it before they select, like a door #3 type guess?

    I don't know if I like the idea of one person deciding based on where their teams fell. I'd rather you just hit the button 3 times or so and show us the results.

    I could be missing something though. And if I am in the minority, I will go with the flow.

  18. voluntarheel-

    The person picking won't know the results of the randomization. Only I will know the results.

    Here is what it would go like. I will post up Randomization Done and then list the three time stamps:

    say 09:09:09 ; 09:09:14; 09:09:18

    The first person from the break to comment will choose one of those three times. That then will be the randomization screen that determines the teams.

    I think it is just one more way for everything to be guaranteed on the up-and-up.

  19. I should add. All they will see is the time stamp #s not the actual screen shots that display the teams assigned to each slot.

  20. This isn't a suggestion or anything, but last time I was involved in one of these was two years ago, it was an 06 Sterling Baseball case, and they did it by teams where every team was up for bid. So the Yankees sold for a lot more than, say, the Pirates. That added a little more strategy to the whole thing.

    This is fun too, because it's pay your $15 for your slot and you never know what team you're going to get. So exciting all the way around.

  21. HHitter,

    That makes more sense. That's cool.

  22. Since you're going to cry about it I'll let you back in. ;)

    Payment sent for slots 10 and 18.


  23. Anybody still need a spot before I pay?


  24. Wheeler-

    I have a person who would like to get in.

  25. Thy can have slot 5 if they want :)


  26. Whats the plan on time line for this break?

  27. Those who have a slot reserved from participation last month have until Midnight on the 30th to keep their spot. If those are all paid before then that means it happens sooner.

    But here are the estimates. Friday (the 1st) will be team randomization (assuming possible open slots quickly fill) w/boxes being ordered. Which means break will occur on Wednesday, May 6th.

    However, this will be updated with solid dates once everything is set.

  28. I'd be happy to take on another spot and can pay immediately if someone opts out. Is it first come/first serve?

  29. It is first come first served. Fairest way for me to do it and not be overwhelmed with if-then scenarios and long lists.

  30. Ill send my payment later today

  31. Holy Hitter,
    I will give up one of my slots. Payment for the other will be made tomorrow morning.


  32. bdavid payment sent

  33. I would like to get in on this... is the slot still open?

  34. sorry tommy it was already full. check back next month for a possible slot opening.