Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 NFL Draft: My Reflections

As we enter into the football-less wasteland of summer, the draft is what will have to sustain us until the pre-season starts in august. Overall, I think the draft was pretty fun to watch this whole time, and the first round had me glued to the TV now that teams were forced to pick a little quicker and because ESPN (no NFL Network access at my house) didnt miss any picks this year.

There were no shortage of surprises in the first round, especially with the Jets trading up to get Sanchez, and the Raiders taking Heyward-Bey at #7. When we look back on this draft in a few years, I think both of these moves will be considered pretty dumb, mainly the depth at WR in the first round DID NOT justify the Raiders' pick with Maclin AND Crabtree on the board. As for Sanchez, the Jets would have probably been better waiting until next year, with a much deeper and more talented bunch of QBs that will be coming out.

There were quite a few reaches as there were last year as well, mainly Larry English being drafted mid first round, and the reach at three by the Chiefs, or why you pass up Curry for a guy who probably would have been better to trade down for. Then when the Bungles pass on Crabtree at number 6 to take the Sta-puft Marshmallow man, I almost gasped out loud. You lose Housh, you have to deal constantly with Chad Johnson, and you pass on a great talent a la Calvin Johnson to take a guy who couldnt even put it together for the job interview of his life. Good job.

As for the people who fell, Beanie Wells making it all the way to Cardinals is a shock, and I think the people like the Eagles will be sorry that they didnt get someone to tag team with the aging and somewhat fragile Westbrook. Maualunga falling as far as he did was also pretty ridiculous, though great USC linebackers do come a dime a dozen as we have found out.

I will give props to Oher, who remained driven and positive despite ESPN constantly playing the awful "troubled past" card. He just wants to play, and the Ravens were right to jump all over him. ESPN needs to learn that a human interest story is only interesting if it is not beaten to death. Then again, with Chris "YWML" Berman at the desk, thats pretty tough to avoid.

As we moved into the second round, and the Broncos traded NEXT year's #1 for a pick to get Alphonso Smith, I couldnt help but think things were heading down a bad road for a team that just lost a huge piece. Then again, they did great with drafting Moreno, so hopefully Neckbeard wont be without too many options.

Lastly, in terms of hobby impact, here are how I think things will sort out now that we know the teams that the top guys went to:

1) Matthew Stafford
2) Knowshon Moreno
3) Michael Crabtree
4) Mark Sanchez
5) Josh Freeman
6) Beanie Wells (Peterson Effect*)
7) Donald Brown (Peterson Effect*)
8) Jeremy Maclin
9) Darrius Heyward-Bey
10) Percy Harvin

* Peterson Effect - Prices start high solely because of idiots wanting to get in on the bottom level for a guy that plays the same position that AD plays. Yeah, like lightning is going to strike twice in 2 years, right?


  1. I can't help but feel that this draft is very much like the draft of 2000. A draft that comes along after some very talent rich drafts that produced franchise talent (98-Moss, Manning, and somewhat Taylor and 99- McNabb, (Culppepper somewhat), Holt, etc.) and only produced some somewhat marginal talent that didn't carry much hobby value (outside 6th round superstar Tom Brady).

    With that in mind these are the guys I am looking at:

    Moreno, Brown, or Wells--I'm leaning towards Wells (someone has to take the Jamal Lewis Role)

    I am avoiding 1st round QBs like the plague. (see Peterson effect and change it to the Ryan/Flacco effect).

    I am going to take a flyer by dumping some of my loose change on Curtis Painter autos in the hopes that history really does repeat itself and another Big Ten QB steps into the limelight when a superstar QB goes down due to injury a year later. (plus worse comes to worse I am only out a few bucks).

    I really like Michael Crabtree, but at his current prices I am passing on his cards. For the most part that will be my take on this draft class all around. I would rather save my money for next year or buy more 07 or 08 Product.

  2. HH -

    You're going to have some competition on buying those Curtis Painter autos. Even though I think he'll have a tough time beating out Sorgi for the backup role, I always stock up on my former Boilers.


  3. I actually thought the Bungles made an ok call on passing on Crabtree. They need OL help--Palmer can't throw to any WR if he's on his back. And despite appearing to be out of shape, Andre Smith still was the most complete tackle in the draft when it comes to game tape.

    I think Wells drop was justified, given his injury concerns and his unwillingness to play through nicks in college. And Arizona still hasn't proven it can run the ball, even with a guy like Wells.

    The Eagles got someone to pair with Westbrook in round 2--many people had McCoy pegged as a late first rounder.