Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 NFL Draft: Percy Harvin Is A Viking

Im not going to comment on much more about the other stuff that happened in the 1st round, other than Al Davis being one of the biggest fucking idiots I have ever seen. He passed on Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin, among other receivers for Darrius Heyward-Bey, solely based on 40 time from what I can tell. Wow, I had a Ted Ginn shiver run up my back after that.

As the rest of the first round developed, I kept seeing Maclin drop and drop until the Eagles decided to take him, still holding out purple hope until the commish was at the podium. Then, I was shocked to see that with Oher still the Vikings still drafted bong happy Percy Harvin. Originally, I hated it, hated it, because I thought Oher would be the best fit. Then after more consideration, I am much more happy.

See, if the Vikings had drafted Oher instead, it would not affect Peterson facing 8-9 in the box EVERY play. With Harvin's versatility, that will hopefully change. Plus Loadholt is still available in Rd 2, hopefully.

Your guys' thoughts on the first round? I think it was pretty amazing.


  1. You will like him. He's a baller. Lawrence Taylor did lines of coke before games and still manned up. Hw is a steal for the vikes. Plus it gives you a sure auto to collect this year. Maybe HolyHitter will now stop opening '07 stuff. Lol

  2. Yeah, ill definitely go after his stuff.

  3. Couldn't be happier with the draft today. Crabtree falls to us to 10th, and we're able to maneuver to pick up another 1st round pick in next year's draft, which is widely considered much deeper by many, by giving up our 2nd and 4th round picks.

    First draft in awhile where I had no doubts at all in the complete first day.

  4. I get to chase Everette Brown....... JEALOUS!?!?!?!?!?!?! I knew you would be.

  5. worst draft, talent wise, in years. Good guys in rds 3-6, but as far as top end, crap. Even guys like Mike Mayock and Bill Belicheck openly came out and said so. It's no wonder Cleveland, New England, Dallas and Chicago kept trading down again and again....

  6. I thought the Giants wouldn't draft a receiver but as you can see they did Hakeem Nicks from UNC. Then they drafted an OLB. I give the Giants a "C" for this draft. I was surprised on how far Michael Crabtree fell in the draft but then again he just might be all hype for example: Charles Rogers, Reggie williams, Ashley Lelie, David Terrell, Troy Williamson (no offense Gellman), Michael Westbrook. Do you see a pattern? Anyhow I think the draft was interesting overall because no RB's were drafted until the 12th pick and this was definitely a Defensive draft.

  7. What a day for you! You got Loadholt too, now all you need is a quarterback...

  8. Looks like you got your guy in round 2 as well. He's a big boy for sure.

    Lions had a pretty good day. I wanted something like Monroe, Maualuga and Jerry, but Monroe would have been a reach at #1, Jerry didn't last to #33 and Maualuga's character issues obviously put him off the Lions' board. QB, TE and S were all needs, and the Lions got the best player at all those positions so you can't complain.

    Pat White to Miami was a perfect fit. As a Michigan alum who has seen every game Henne ever played, let's just say that I won't be surprised if White wins the job one day.

  9. 1st as a seahawks fan i was just absolutely thrilled w/ the draft ... i really didnt think curry would be there !!! and then to turn a 2 in a crap ass draft to a 1 next year was awesome (thanks mcdaniels ya retard)

    id also like to comment on harvin since i am a peterson collector ... i think it was a great pick for the vikings sure it has a down side but hell who didnt smoke one in college COME ON BE HONEST and people can change i think the upside out weighs the down

    on to old al davis does no one have the balls to tell him he is a complete idiot ??? i knew he would pick heyward bey but i was hoping for the poor raider nation they wouldnt draft their 3rd consecutive bust ... i guess the raiders are just going to suck ass until senile al davis hands over the reigns

    top 10 teams that blew it imo :

    KC : why not trade back to get jackson ???

    Browns : imo should have taken crabtree or atleast of not traded back past 17 if they would have taken maclin @ 17 i wouldnt of listed them

    Raiders : not only did they blow round 1 but there 2nd pick was probably even worse

    Denver: i know there not top 10 but i think denver wasted picks i would have taken freeman 12 moreno would have likely been there at 17 if they were that worried about san diego they had enough picks to trade up from 17 to 15 w/ out giving up a ton but hey instead they gave my seahawks the pick that was burning a hole in there pocket

  10. Lions have the absolute worst defense. So, what do they do? THEY TAKE 2 OFFENSIVE PLAYERS WITH THEIR FIRST 2 PICKS! William Clay Ford and Al Davis are kindred spirits.

  11. I actually think Pettigrew is pretty good, but you are correct, they desperately needed D, especially with Maualung and Lauranitis on the board

  12. Randy Moss liked the chronic, too. Didn't seem to affect him that much. Not saying Percy Harvin=Randy Moss, but I wouldn't worry about a player smoking a big fatty from time to time. Nose candy? That's a whole different story.

    Beelzebub69 -

  13. Anyone who thinks the Raiders 2nd round pick was a mistake is in for a rude awakening. Mitchell was going to come off the board at 49. The Bears called Mitchell and told him he was their guy when the 2nd round started, and the Raiders actually traded down from 40 to 47 with the plan to take Mitchell at 47 no matter what.

    Mitchell absolutely blew teams away in private workouts, and he wasn't exactly what you would call a "secret". Watch film on him.