Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome To Autograph Hell

We all know that Chris Johnson's "attempt" at an auto is probably the worst thing since Vernand Morency and Lawrence Timmons. The sad thing is that as things move forward, bad autos like Randy Foye's RF4 and so many other examples of autographic diarrhea are becoming the norm rather than the exception. There are two main things I want to address though, mostly because they suck so bad.

First off, I want to discuss redemptions for players that have shitty autos. A main example of this is Johnson's SPA auto patches this year. ALL redemptions. Why would I even want to bother with that shit? I have to wait 8 months for a redemption of a guy with the worst auto in recent memory, with no advanced knowledge of patch colors, auto placement, or pic? Forget that.

Secondly is the card company's acceptance of these practices of awful signatures. They are paying the players to sign, they should have some clauses saying that they have to sign more than initials. Personally, I probably would not have as many Petersons in my collection if he signed the way that he has been lately with this AP 28 shit that I have seen around the net. Total crap. I am almost of the belief that sig quality can make or break a card. I think it would almost be better to cut them out of the set rather than focus their main hits on junk signed initials or Allen Patrick style symbol shit. I know people will disagree with me, and I know that Gregg from UD joked that I have a very simplistic view on things, which is completely true actually, but really, its a bad situation out there right now.

Just as a tribute to those who are great, check out sigs from these people:

Harmon Killebrew
Brian Bannister
Ronde and Tiki Barber
Mickey Mantle
Ted Williams
Joe Dimaggio
Brian Westbrook
Torii Hunter

All have longer names, all have really, really nice sigs. FIX IT.


  1. Tiki Barber and Ronde Barber are also great autos.

    And should I direct you to God Shammgod again?

  2. I agree totally (though why you want an SPA auto event worn patch I don't know) - signature quality can make or break a card.

    Brett Favre has changed his signature a few times over the years, though thankfully all of them have at least been good, without him resorting to initials. However back around 2000 - 2002 was when his signature looked best. Go look at this card for an example:

    Because of the fact that this was when his signature looked best, I am prepared to pay more for cards with this signature.I mean, if you are going to pay a premium for a jersey card with a nice swatch on it, why won't you pay more for an autograph card with a nice signature on it?

    Favre also seems to have changed his signature again this year, and it looks almost as good as it did in 2000-2002.

    However, back onto the topic. As for the likes of Chris Johnson, the problem is that people do buy and pay big money for his "autographed" cards, and at present they are big draw-cards in products, so there is no reason for Upper Deck or anybody else to do anything. If the collecting community did something to make card companies know that they wouldn't accept this, then maybe things would be changed. What this something is however I don't know.

  3. I have to agree It's not to much I drive the 20 miles to the onnly damn hobby shop left ( all in my toemn have shut down) the the limited amount of auto's I have they better be good. I got a leaf longevity 5/5 harry douglas jumbo patch with the falcon on the patch that takes up the whole card and so does the auto it looks good. ( not the best player ) but it's still my favorite auto BCuz it all comes together right. Now it's been 4 months waiting for a redemtion of chris perez? I can only imagine how pissed I'll be if the auto's no good. To me an auto of initials is a waste and just shows the lack of the players acknowledgment to the fans who collect him and pay for his livelyhood in the long run. Grant

  4. Chris Seddon is my favorite auto so far...

  5. I'm a huge Titans fan, and yes, it pains me to buy a Chris Johnson auto card for anywhere near actual value. I love that the guy is making an impact right away, but his rookie auto's are so bland. CJ?!?!?!?! Come on!

    Now Willie Parker, there's a guy with a nice auto.

  6. Best modern day auto's
    Edgar Martinez
    Billy Wagner.

    Best prospect auto
    Nick Noonan

    Worst modern day auto.
    Tim Lincecum
    Kevin Kouzmanoff