Friday, February 6, 2009

Someone Paid a Hell Of A Lot For This Card, Wow.

Thanks to Wheeler for passing this on.

I guess that the Forte logo out of SPA has been pulled and sold, and it went for an INSANEULOUS amount of money.

Let me refresh your memory of my hatred for the popularity of Forte's cards: the guy is a mid level prospect, playing for a team that didnt make the playoffs, and did not make ROY. He had a good rookie season, by rookie standards, but things sort of tapered off for him at the end. Usually, stupid things drive a cards worth like what I mentioned above, pro bowl appearances, etc, and yet without that, his still went for a down payment on a car.

When he ends up as the next Rudi Johnson, I just want a big I told you so.

Cue the Forte lovers telling me I am an idiot...


  1. I was just checking. The 97 UD legends Payton is up and you could probably buy that for less lol. hmm forte rookie or payton auto out of the best set ever made. good noght now!

  2. Yeah I was thinking about all the stuff you could have aside from that as a bears fan. Wow.

  3. It probably is stupid to pay this much for a player that has had one good season. I also think though that some people pay way too much for some Adrian Peterson cards because he has had two very good seasons. Wait until someone has at least 5 or 6 good/very good seasons under their belt until you start spending big money on them. Then again, Shaun Alexander did have 5 or 6 good/very good seasons, as did Thurman Thomas, and neither of their cards sell at high prices anymore (if Thurman's ever did).

    On the flipside, if this person is a speculator, and in the unlikely event Forte does go on to have a hall of fame career, then this card may be a good investment. It's a very big risk though....

  4. Money is not an issue to some people. If I was a Bears fan and had tons of money I wouldn't mind paying that price for a one of a kind card.

  5. Gellman,
    You're an idiot! But everyone knows that and that's why we read your blog everyday. I however, being from Chicago, love the Bears and Forte. Maybe it's because out of our long list of RB draft picks there have been guys like Cedric Benson, Curtis Enis, Rashan Salaam. Get my drift? I also do agree, whoever bought this card does deserve to be punched right in the neck. What a complete moron!

  6. Didn't the Lynch from last year's spa go for about this much the first time around? I saw it resold for $900 during the a big loss.