Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Am So Desperate For Football, That I Am Making It A Point To Watch The Pro Bowl

Holy crap, I am really feeling the football withdrawl, and its only been a week. The sad thing is that I have a date with my couch to watch the Pro Bowl, and I hate myself for it. The Pro Bowl is a joke, not even really a game, let alone entertaining, but I feel like I need to watch it for that last hit before the product goes off the market.

Next year, it will be even more of a joke, because it wont be the week after the Super Bowl, it will be the week before. That means that neither of the Super Bowl team's players will be there, if they even wanted to play anyways, and the game wont even give me my fix after the season is done.

Hey, at least they dont make it count for something right? That would be the worst idea in professional sports history, to make an exhibition game have implications on games that matter, right? Oh, wait...

My prediction is NFC by 7, and the guy who plays the most minutes will be MVP. What a crock.

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  1. In terms of lack of NFL games, I will trade places with you any day. You'll even get nice 46.4 degrees celcius (about 115.5 degrees fahrenheit) days like the one we had on Saturday.